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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2920 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2920 Start

Originally, everyone thought that she would definitely condemn Chengfeng in public at the press conference.

But what everyone could not expect was that she was very indifferent throughout the whole process, and did not have any aggressiveness.

At the beginning of the press conference, she stood up and said to the camera:

“Hello everyone, I am Zhiyu, the grandaughter of Su family. During this time, thanks to everyone’s concern, I am holding this press conference to tell everyone who cares about me and cares about my safety and wellbeing.

My mother’s friends, my mother Liona, and I have returned to normal family life and our bodies are also very healthy. Please rest assured.”

After speaking, she said again:

“My mother and I are not public figures, so I want to apologize to the people of the country for taking up so much public resources for myself and my mother.”

Afterwards, she briefly introduced her and her mother’s experience in the car accident.

In this regard, she did not hide and whitewash too much, that is to say, a savior took her and her mother out of the Forbidden Mountain tunnel, and provided them with professional treatment for the two of them.

After the two recovered, Then officially returned them to Aurous Hill.

Some people wanted to know the identity of the savior, but Zhiyu claimed to the public that she does not know the true identity of the savior.

In addition, she also promised the savior not to disclose any details about him.

As for someone asking her whether grandpa Chengfeng will be held accountable, Zhiyu’s answer is also very ambiguous: “I don’t want to respond to this question for the time being.”

The majority of netizens also want to see a granddaughter tearing grandpa, after all, with the attention and sympathy of the people across the country as a blessing, Zhiyu can easily push the culprit Chengfeng into the abyss.

It’s like the people all over the country use their own support to help her build an indestructible gun. As long as she pulls the trigger, it will definitely kill Chengfeng.

However, no one thought that she held the trigger and finally chose to give up!

Countless people are disappointed, and of course, many people can understand her point of view.

Sometimes, the palms of the hand and the backs of the hands are full of meat. Since she and her mother are safe, it is better to look at the family’s face and reduce the major and minor matters.