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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 292 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 292 Start

He had always thought about Claire and knew Charlie’s existence, but he had never seen it before.

Knowing that the person in front of him is Claire’s useless husband, Gao Junwei looked at Charlie and asked curiously: “I don’t know where Mr. Charlie is now?”

Charlie said lightly: “I am a vagrant now.”

Juan said in disdain: “Isn’t that just for soft rice?”

Gao Junwei’s eyes also flashed a trace of disdain. When Claire was still in the Willson Group, he had a good impression of Claire. Now he heard that Claire started her own business, so he deliberately found Claire. He threw out an order for the renovation of the exhibition center and invited her over.

Thinking of having to establish an image in front of Claire, he looked at Charlie and smiled slightly: “Charlie, in fact, you shouldn’t be here today. Those who came to participate in the auto show today are all famous figures in Aurous Hill City. You just came here to embarrass Claire?”

Claire’s face immediately became ugly when she heard this. She didn’t expect Gao Junwei to ridicule Charlie, so she was naturally a little unhappy.

However, before Claire could speak, Charlie’s eyes became cold, and he said lightly, “Is this kind of exhibition really awesome? I wouldn’t come if it wasn’t for my car here.”

“Your car is here? You don’t look at your identity?”

Juan yelled contemptuously from the side, and said, “Don’t you know that the luxury cars on display here start at a million? I think you can’t even afford a wheel off them!”

Gao Junwei was even more disdainful of Charlie, and said proudly: “Charlie, I know that your kind of live-in son-in-law’s mind is to eat soft rice? You want to have a little face, so you want Claire to buy it for you. Right?”

Claire said with a cold face: “Manager Gao Junwei, Charlie doesn’t need me to buy a car for him. Charlie bought me the car I drive.”

Gao Junwei was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Charlie could still afford a car to give it to Claire.

Juan looked at Charlie and laughed disdainfully, then sneered: “Is it possible that you can get off the car?”

After finishing speaking, she turned to Claire and asked, “Claire, what car did your husband give you? Could it be Chery QQ?”

Claire said: “Charlie bought two cars in total, one is the BMW 520 for me and the other is the BMW 530 for my father.”

Juan said in a weird manner: “Yeah, I didn’t expect your husband to have money.”

Gao Junwei shook his head and smiled contemptuously: “BMW 520? This kind of car is driven by a subordinate in our house. How can it be matched with Claire.”

Immediately, he looked at Charlie and said coldly: “Charlie, a BMW 520 is very cheap. If you take a loan, the down payment is only 100,000, but the luxury cars here are all millions. You buy A great luxury car, the BMW 5 Series is not eligible to enter at all. The last time is the BMW 740. Moreover, at this auto show, there are also two top luxury sports cars in the world. You can open your eyes this time.”

Charlie smiled indifferently, pointed to the two top luxury cars on the platform, and asked, “You said that these are all luxury cars that I can’t afford. Then I ask you, these two top luxury sports cars in the world, you can buy them. Are you up?”

Gao Junwei sneered: “In this exhibition hall, except for these two cars, I can afford every other car. What about you? rag like you, I see you go wherever you want, but you can’t afford one!”