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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2919 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2919 Start

As long as these two people are there, basically there is nothing wrong with Aurous Hill.

After receiving Charlie’s call, Issac and Orvel put aside what they were doing and went straight to Classical Mansion.

At the table, Charlie introduced the two to Pollard and Melba. Although Melba had met Issac before, there were not many intersections. This time, he simply used the dinner to make her familiar with Issac and Orvel.

She was not surprised at Charlie’s contacts. She had already realized that he had already built a huge network of contacts in Aurous Hill. It can be said that there are people with faces in this city, and there is no one who can’t look at his face and admire and revere not.

Even, many of them are almost equal to his disciples.

She was a little surprised by Charlie’s patience and meticulousness, because few of the top rich second-generation generations she knew could manage a basic plate first in a down-to-earth manner.

In general, the top rich second-generation generations feel that their debut is the peak, so they like to play high, and it is their most normal operation to continuously deploy many projects in one go.

But Charlie was different from those people.

He, as the young master of the Wade family, instead of playing high in Eastcliff, worked steadily in a second-tier city like Aurous Hill. On the surface, it seems calm, but in fact, he has already penetrated every part of the city classes and every inch of land.

This steady and slow approach is the basis for great things. In Charlie’s approach, first, take root in the city on the edge of the Yangtze River, and then promote business to the coast through ocean transportation, regardless of the future economic situation at home and abroad. Changes can be able to advance and attack, retreat and defend.

This also gave her full confidence in her career map of joining his camp.

Because of happiness, everyone except Melba drank a few more glasses.

Charlie also drank a lot today. The Maotai prepared by Orvel has a high degree of potency. he deliberately did not use aura to dissolve the alcohol, but instead allowed the alcohol to reach a slightly drunken state in his body.

This slightly drunken feeling made him more happy with the mood.

He is happy because he feels that with the presence of Pollard and Melba, the father and daughter, his future layout in ocean transportation is absolutely stable!

And when Charlie and everyone were in the Classical Mansion, Zhiyu held a brief press conference over the Internet.

The format of the press conference was live broadcast through online media, and the location of Zhiyu’s live broadcast was chosen in the antique study in the old house of Du’s house.