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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2918 Free Novel

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After that, Chengfeng said again: “Zhifei, during this time, you must keep me informed of Zhiyu’s every move. Where she goes, who she sees, and what she does, she must be investigated clearly for me. Do you understand?”

Zhifei hurriedly said: “I know Grandpa, don’t worry!”

“Okay.” Chengfeng sighed and said, “What I am most worried about right now is not whether she can do this business well.

What I am worried about is whether she will sell all the fixed assets of Ocean Shipping Group as soon as it changes hands.

So many ships, so many port resources, and packaged canal passage rights can be sold for hundreds of billions of dollars, so you must pay attention to any disturbances she makes!

Zhifei’s expression suddenly shrank, and he said hurriedly: “Grandpa, I must keep an eye on her!”

The young man was extremely upset when he hung up the phone.

“I have worked so hard for so long, even after my mother and sister had an accident, I still had to go to please the old man…”

“But what does this old thing give me?”

“Nothing at all!”

“There are no real benefits!”

“He just drew me a flatbread, I don’t know if there is a chance to eat it!”

“However, Zhiyu grabbed the old man’s handle, took the opportunity to make trouble once, and got such a large piece of property. This is too unfair!”

At the same time, Charlie and others had arrived at Classical Mansion.

Since it was a joyous drink session, Charlie naturally chose the location here.

It just so happened that some of the He family members would be distributed to Orvel in the future. Charlie simply called both Orvel and Issac over to eat here.

Moreover, he also intends to let Pollard and Melba get to know them both.