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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2916 Free Novel

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At the same time.

Zhiyu carried a thick schoolbag on her back and returned to Du’s mansion from outside.

Just now, she had negotiated all the conditions with Anson, the butler sent by grandfather Chengfeng, and completed the procedures for changing all the shares of the Su family’s Ocean Transportation Group.

Now, the huge mess of the Su family’s ocean transportation is hers.

At home.

No one knew where she went, so everyone came forward and asked.

Zhiyu made just an excuse for going out and doing something, and temporarily stalled the queries.

Only her brother Zhifei felt very bad.

He vaguely felt that his sister should have reached some kind of cooperation with grandfather.

So he went back to his room and called Chengfeng.

As soon as the phone was connected, he couldn’t wait to ask: “Grandpa, have you settled with Zhiyu?”

Chengfeng asked back: “What? Zhiyu didn’t tell you?”

Zhifei felt a little bit in his heart, and said hurriedly, “No, I didn’t ask her, she just came back from outside.”

“Yes.” Chengfeng said indifferently: “Zhiyu asked me to negotiate terms. She is going to take Su’s Ocean Shipping Group. That all business is now hers.”