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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2915 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2915 Start

Pollard felt that Luther, the old man, seemed a bit unusual. He spoke with a quagmire, and although he was not young, he looked a bit like a master, and he should be no ordinary person.

As he was thinking, Charlie introduced at this time: “Uncle, Father He, is the Patriarch of the Northeast He Family, and the Northeast He Family is one of our four major martial arts families in China. In the future, Father He and the masters of his family will be living here, the safety of you and Melba must be greatly guaranteed.”

When Pollard heard this, his expression was suddenly shocked, and he immediately said in awe: “Old He, I didn’t expect you to be a martial artist. What a disrespect and I have been extending as of now!”

Luther smiled and said humbly: “Professor Watt, please don’t be so polite. We are just some rough people with spears and clubs, and you are the most respectable for learning!”

Charlie shook his head helplessly, and said with a smile: “You two should stop talking about each other in business here. You will all be neighbors in the future, and there are opportunities to talk.”

Luther laughed and said, “Well, since Master Wade has said so, when we have a good drink the next day, Master will definitely come to join us.”

Charlie smiled and said, “In that case, I will arrange it at night. It just so happens that I have to pick up the dust for you and Ms. He. Everyone has a light meal and two more drinks.

Luther hurriedly said, “If Master Wade has arrangements tonight, we can do it another day.”

Charlie smiled and said, “In fact, it’s nothing big, just going home for dinner, but my wife has been busy with projects recently and won’t go home to eat tonight.”

After that, he asked Pollard and Melba: “Uncle, are you and Melba free tonight?”

“No problem!” Before Pollard spoke, Melba hurriedly responded.

She knew that her father had cooked a pot of pig’s knuckle soup at home today, and planned to cook noodles for her at night, and this was of her own initiative, because when she was young, her favorite was the pig’s knuckle noodles made by father.

But since Charlie wants to invite her and dad to eat together, of course, she still wants to eat with Charlie in her heart. If dad opens his mouth to solve it at this time, wouldn’t her hope be lost?

Pollard rushed to agree when he heard that his daughter was so refreshing. He was surprised and felt a little bit sour in his heart.

He also just learned two days ago that his daughter’s s3xual orientation is actually straight.

It was also at that time, he realized that his daughter should have some feelings for Charlie.

He still regretted that Charlie was married after all, and the two could only say that they had no relationship.

But looking at the shyness of his daughter now, it seems that she is really tempted by this young man.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing in his heart: “Hey, the girl is so tempted, the old man prepared the pig’s feet noodles for the whole afternoon, so I am now directly left behind. It seems that this is really a female congress…”