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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2911 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2911 Start

Although the He family is a top-notch martial arts family, they can’t do modern weapon training for family members with fanfare. Without external support, it is really difficult to achieve.

But Charlie is good to say. After that, Issac himself has a certain amount of energy, which can solve the problem of modern weapons to a certain extent. Take a step back and say, even if he can’t solve it, he doesn’t have a new friend Hamid in Syria?

If it doesn’t work, he will send the personnel directly to him for closed training for a period of time, or maybe he will have the opportunity to participate in the actual combat exercise, which will definitely do more with less.

Thinking of this, Charlie said to Old Man He: “I will let Mr. Issac arrange this matter and implement it as soon as possible.”

After that, he turned around and said to Issac: “Mr. Issac, strive to build a land in the suburbs of Aurous Hill, and we will build a closed training base.”

Issac immediately said: “Okay master, I will start the selection of the site tomorrow!”

Charlie nodded, and said to Old Man He: “Old man, let’s come in and take a look at the house first. If there is any dissatisfaction, you can raise it.”

Luther hurriedly said, “Master Wade is too polite. Even if it is a rough house, we are quite satisfied with such a big villa!”

Charlie smiled and said: “That’s more than just, come, come in and have a look!”

Charlie asked Issac to buy this villa, although it was second-hand, but after all, it was also used by wealthy people before. Therefore, whether it is decoration or furniture and home appliances, it is very elegant. Compared with He’s old house in Mocheng, it is naturally Much more luxurious.

Luther thanked Charlie with great gratitude and prepared to give his family a room.

Charlie said to Roma at this time: “By the way, Ms. He, I think the people who came this time are all men except you. It is not very convenient for you to live here. Mr. Issac happens to be in charge of the entire Shangri-La Hotel, so let him arrange a room for you in the hotel?”

When Roma heard this, she immediately understood that Charlie wanted to arrange for her to live with her daughter.

Naturally, she had 10,000 willingness in her heart, and she was even a little impatient.

So she quickly agreed and thanked him: “Thank you, Master Wade!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “You are welcome.”

Luther didn’t think too much, and said with emotion: “Master Wade, you are really kind! Roma is really not suitable to live with us, and she has a disability, and there are many inconveniences in her daily life. Living in a hotel will be relatively easier. , I thank you for her!”

Charlie nodded, and said to Roma: “Ms. He, I’m going back to Shangri-La just in a moment. You can come with me.”