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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2908 Free Novel

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Charlie hurriedly stepped forward, raised his arms, and said seriously: “You don’t have to be so formal, I am young, and I can’t bear such a gift from you.”

“What’s more, now my identity is still a secret in Aurous Hill. Most people only know that I am a Feng Shui master, and don’t know that I am originally a member of the Wade Family of Eastcliff.”

“If you call Master Wade Master Wade long and short all day long, it will easily reveal my identity.”

“Why don’t you just call my name, my full name is Charlie Wade, Wade of the Wade family.”

Luther was surprised, he hesitated for a while, and said: “This…this… We are so favored by you as a mountain like a sea, how can we directly call your name just like that.

If the ancestors know it, I am afraid that they will beat me in the leg and break it with the blows!”

Orvel smiled and said: “Mr. He, you are just like us, in front of outsiders, call him Master Wade! Anyway, his name is very famous in Aurous Hill!”

“Master Wade?” Luther repeated it subconsciously.

“Right!” Orvel said with a smile: “The real master of Dragon Leaf in the world, we basically know that Aurous Hill really has a face and reputation.”

Luther nodded solemnly as soon as he heard this, arched his hands at Orvel, and said, “Thank you for this brother’s suggestion. From now on, the Master will be called Blessed Master Wade!”

Charlie’s head was big.

This group of people followed all the time and called him Master Wade, and he had already had a headache hearing it.

But when he thinks about it, the title of Master Wade doesn’t matter. Anyway, he has heard that a lot, and he is all numb.

So he smiled helplessly and said to Luther: “Since the old man insists, then I won’t say more.”

Luther immediately clasped his fist and said: “Luther, I have seen Master Wade!”

As soon as these words came out, others in the He family followed suit.

Charlie nodded and said, “That’s it for these trivial matters. Let’s talk about serious matters.”

After speaking, Charlie pointed to the villa in front of him, and said, “Mr. He, this villa is prepared for you by me for your daily accommodation and cultivation.

The house is large and there are many rooms. The level is opened up and it is enough for daily practice.

If you need any equipment, you can talk to Mr. Issac when the time comes, and let him arrange someone to implement it for you when that time comes.”

Luther hurriedly said: “Master Wade, you are so polite. In fact, we can live in an ordinary dormitory with ease. There is no requirement for living conditions.”