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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2907 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2907 Start

When the sun sets and the sky is full of sunrays crossing the clouds, a Gulfstream passenger plane, dressed in golden sunshine, landed at Aurous Hill Airport.

The eleven people who were sitting on the plane were sent by the He family this time, including Luther and Roma.

When these people got off the plane, they were immediately arranged by Issac’s fleet and dropped at the riverside villa that he had bought in advance.

This villa happened to be in the same villa area as the riverside villa of Melba’s father Pollard, but the area of ​​this villa was much larger than that of Pollard’s.

Charlie actually has a bit of selfishness to arrange the He family here.

He hopes that the He family can also pay attention to the situation of the father and daughter that is Pollard and Melba.

If any family members live here, if someone starts to attack them, it will be hard to come over immediately for their rescue.

At this time, Charlie, Issac, and Orvel were already waiting in the villa.

When the team arrived, the sky hadn’t completely turned dark. Issac’s men took Luther, Roma, and the other He family members into the yard, and Charlie also brought Issac and Orvel to greet them.

When Roma saw Charlie, she respectfully said: “Hello, Master Wade!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Ms. He, you don’t have to be so polite, just call me Charlie from now on.”

“How can it be…” Luther on the side said in full bloom, “Young Master Wade is the benefactor of the He family and the future master of the He family. The distinction of respect and inferiority is still necessary!”

After that, he clasped his fists in his hands, bowed deeply, and said,

“Master Wade, here is Luther, the owner of the He family, thanks to the great kindness and great kindness of Master, and no retribution. I will never hesitate to serve you ever!”