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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2905 Free Novel

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In addition, there was also the time when he went to Syria to rescue Melba two days ago. Charlie parachuted in a way that exceeded the limit of ordinary people, and was able to sneak into Hamid’s heavily guarded base quietly.

And that time, he himself or none of his staff could walk with Charlie and provide direct assistance to him.

The reason why such things can’t keep up with the rhythm happen repeatedly is that the difference in strength is too big.

And Orvel couldn’t help sighing at this moment:

“Master, before me, Mr. Issac, and Liang accompanied you to the Changbai Mountain to attack the Eight Heavenly Kings, I realized that there is a real gap between our group of people and your strength.

It’s too big. It’s a critical moment. Let’s not say to help you. If we don’t hinder you, it’s a high incense. There is indeed some mud that can’t support the wall. If you take He’s family and let them stay by your side, we will be able to do well. To improve this embarrassing situation.”

Charlie waved his hand and said with a smile: “I am talking about cooperation with the He family, and it is not really necessary for the He family to help me.

Charlie said, and continued: “Actually, my plan is to distribute the ten people of the He family to the two of you, so that they can make up for your shortcomings, and at the same time can help you cultivate a group of subordinates and improve their overall strength.”

As soon as Issac heard this, he became excited and blurted out:

“Master, if this is the case, that would be great! Although my staff has undergone the same high-intensity military training as special forces, they still can’t make a breakthrough. The upper limit of ordinary people, their own strength is indeed still a lot worse than those of martial arts masters.”

Charlie nodded, and said:

“The melee strength of martial artists, especially the strength of physical combat, is indeed far superior to special forces.

However, once the special forces are blessed with thermal weapons, their overall strength will far exceed those of martial arts, so this time, I plan to integrate the two together so that the He family can use martial arts to help you and Orvel’s subordinates to improve their own abilities and melee strength.

Then match them with hot weapons. In this way, the overall strength will be even greater and balanced.”

Charlie said, “In addition, Mr. Issac, your subordinates who have undergone special forces training should, in turn, help the He family familiarize themselves with thermal weapons and other advanced technologies.

This is their shortcoming. Without improvement, the overall combat effectiveness will still be greatly limited.”

Immediately afterward, Charlie sighed: “When I went to Japan before, I also fought against ninjas.”

“Some ninjas are similar to Chinese warriors. They are still in the era of physical combat and cold weapon attacks. However, there are also a group of ninjas that can keep up with the times and incorporate a lot of modern technology.”

“One thing that impressed me is that their paragliders made of ultra-black paint and a propulsion fan with a silent lithium battery fly fast in the sky at night.

Not only are they fast, but ordinary people on the ground also can’t detect it. This is the organic combination of traditional ninjas and modern technology. I think this is an idea worth learning from.”

Issac nodded immediately and said excitedly: “Master, I understand what you mean, that is, both parties must work together to fill each other’s shortcomings.”

“Yes.” Charlie said seriously: “You two, you must choose your most trusted subordinates and let them practice martial arts with the He family. I will regularly give them some blood relief pills to help them quickly improve their strength.”

The Blood Relief Pill is not worth mentioning to Charlie, but for ordinary people and martial arts practitioners, the improvement effect is very obvious.

Charlie planned to select 40 to 50 people with potential and trust from Issac and Orvel’s men, and let them practice martial arts, and then use some blood-saving heart-saving pills for them to improve physical fitness and strength.