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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2904 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2904 Start

The only difference is that Charlie ran farther than Ruoli.

Out from Ruoli’s room, he went directly to Issac’s office.

Seeing him coming in, Issac hurriedly asked, “Master, have you finished talking with Miss Su?”

“It’s over.” Charlie nodded and said: “Mr. Issac, call Orvel and ask him to come over as soon as possible. I have something to tell you both!”

Hearing that Charlie has important things to do with him, Orvel immediately put down his work and came to Shangri-La as quickly as possible.

In Issac’s office, Orvel entered the door and saw Charlie, so he hurried forward and asked respectfully: “Master, what can I do this time?”

Charlie waved at him and said with a smile: “Come here, sit down.”

After speaking, he greeted Issac again: “Mr. Issac.”

Issac and Orvel sat next to Charlie opposite.

Immediately, Charlie said: “I have reached a cooperation with the He family. Starting today, the He family will send ten top masters to Aurous Hill, ready to be at my disposal.”

Issac said happily: “Master, this is a good thing! With the He family masters, it can be regarded as a supplement to Orvel and me. Although we have a lot of manpower available under our hands, their strength is indeed better than martial arts. People are much inferior. Sometimes, not only will they not be able to help you, but they will even drag you back.”

At this time, what Issac thought of was that time with Charlie, going to the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel to rescue Zhiyu and her mother Liona.

That time, in order to grab time, Charlie jumped down when the helicopter was more than a dozen meters away from the tunnel entrance, but how could his men have this ability?

Even if the emergency rope drop was implemented immediately, because the overall process of rope throwing, inspection, hooking, and the decline was indispensable, it was nearly a minute slower than Charlie. By the time they chased in, Charlie had already dealt with the crisis. Solved it single-handedly.