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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2903 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2903 Start

Charlie opened his QR code and handed it to Ruoli.

She scanned it with her mobile phone, and Charlie received a request to add a friend.

He clicked on this request and found that the account that requested to add him as a friend turned out to be nicknamed “Don’t go anywhere”.

He didn’t understand at first, why Ruoli had such a name.

But when he thought that she had just said unswervingly that she wanted to stay by his side and told him not to drive her away, Charlie understood her intention of naming her “Don’t go anywhere”.

“If you want to come, she should be saying, she wants to stay by my side, she won’t go anywhere, right?”

Charlie was moved in his heart, but didn’t ask too much about this question. He directly approved the friend’s request to add, and then said to her: “Then I will leave now.”

Ruoli nodded and said hurriedly: “I will take you to the door!”

Ruoli sent Charlie to the door, and he left.

After talking with her this time, he suddenly felt Ruoli’s firmness and softness. These two completely different feelings were able to appear on the same person so naturally and harmoniously, which really surprised him.

Moreover, from the bottom of his heart, he also recognized Ruoli a little bit more.

There are some dedicated followers around him, but Ruoli is the strongest among these people.

Although she was still far away from him, Charlie still had a sense of intimacy towards her that no one else had.

In a sense, Charlie felt that Ruoli and himself were actually the same kind of people.

Both of them are aliens among ordinary people, and both are running in a different direction from the others.