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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2898 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2898 Start

Now, Zynn, the apparent leader of the Anti-Wade Alliance, has been thrown into Syria by himself, and Shoude, the apparent number two figure, has also entered the Orvel’s kennel.

So at the moment, Chengfeng is the only enemy from the Su family.

According to the agreement between Charlie and Zhiyu, she ascends to the top of the Su Family Patriarch and could take the initiative to surrender Chengfeng in exchange for her father to return to China.

If she can do this at that time, she will get Zynn back, but she still has to make sure that he stays away from all the real power of the Su family, forcing him to retire.

In that way, whether the Wade family or himself, they can let go of all their old hatreds with the Su family, and never offend the river.

Therefore, Charlie naturally hoped that Zhiyu would get better and better by then.

And Ruoli was also Zhiyu’s half-sister. When the two sisters met last time, Charlie looked at her closely.

He can be sure that in Zhiyu’s heart, there really is this sister Ruoli.

And Ruoli also has her sister.

More importantly, Ruoli now has no cruelty and hostility at the beginning. In the future, she will definitely be able to follow Zhiyu with all her heart and escort her.

He originally thought that his arrangement is very reasonable, and he also considered the two sisters very much.

But he never expected that Ruoli’s eyes would suddenly turn red when she heard what he said.

She looked at him and choked: “Master… Ruoli’s life was saved by you… My cultivation was also broken through with your help… You are Ruoli’s greatest benefactor in this life. In the future, if I just want to stay with you before and after serving you with all my heart, and don’t want to return to Su’s house…

Charlie explained: “I’m not asking you to go back to the Su family, but you will go back after your sister becomes the head of the Su family.”

Ruoli choked up in anger and said, “Then I won’t return! Although my sister and I have half the same blood relationship, in the final analysis, I don’t owe her anything, and I don’t want to stay with her in the future…”