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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2892 Free Novel

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According to Roma, Luther, who has just broken through the fourth meridian and became a four-star warrior, also became one of the ten people.

Charlie didn’t feel much about who came from the He family, after all, he didn’t really need the He family to work for him.

However, hearing that the old man of the He family personally put on the battlefield did make Charlie feel the sincerity of the He family.

Because the He family is here tonight, Charlie came to Shangri-La and told Ruoli the news.

Ruoli was naturally extremely excited when she heard that both her mother and grandpa would come.

After hearing that Grandpa had broken through the four meridians and became a four-star warrior, her eyes were wet with excitement.

She looked at Charlie, choked, and said, “To break through the four meridians and become a four-star warrior is the biggest and greatest wish of my grandfather in his life. After he was sixty years old, he knew that he would definitely have no hope of breaking through in his life, so he kept putting this incident and regarded it as the biggest regret of his life…”

Having said this, she said with a grateful expression: “Master, all thanks to the opportunity you gave, if it weren’t for your pill, grandpa would definitely not have such an opportunity, thank you!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “You don’t have to thank me for anything. The cooperation with your He family is indeed for your face, but this kind of cooperation is also equal, and it is not my unilateral charity.”

“Furthermore, I may have many places where I need to use the He family in the future. As long as the He family can work with me wholeheartedly, I will definitely give them more opportunities to rise.”

“This kind of opportunity is not only money and pill, it may even include a complete inner family boxing technique and other inner family techniques.”

When Charlie said this, he paused and asked: “According to my observations, the inner boxing technique that your He family cultivates should be a broken scroll. I don’t know if what I said is wrong?”

Ruoli said quickly: “Master really has a lot of magical powers, you can even see this…”

After that, she explained truthfully: “In fact, the inner boxing techniques that the He family has passed down for hundreds of years were not created by the family ancestors, but were obtained by chance by them.”

“In fact, when it was first obtained, it was a fragmented volume, and most of the content was missing…”