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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2891 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2891 Start

Chengfeng gritted his teeth and said: “I want you to go to Aurous Hill and change the shipping company’s ownership to Zhiyu. From now on, the shipping company will be hers alone.”

“Ah?!” Anson’s chin was almost astonished, and he blurted out: “Master, you…are you…are you kidding me?! For such a big shipping company, just give it away like that?!”

Chengfeng asked in return: “Otherwise? Zhiyu is a good girl now! My reputation will be in her hands in the future, and if she really asks me to surrender in front of the people of the whole country, then how can I settle this matter? I don’t want to think about turning over again in the future!”

“Moreover, there is a mysterious master behind this girl, and I am not sure now, whether I can kill him before he attacks me!

Anson asked quickly: “Master, the British Cary has arrived in Aurous Hill, right? Is there any progress on his side?”

“Not yet.” Chengfeng said: “Although Aurous Hill is a small city, it has a population of nearly 10 million. It is as difficult as climbing to the sky to find someone, so we still have to give him some time!”

Anson hurriedly said: “Master! In my opinion, you might as well call Luther yourself. This old thing is now a four-star warrior. If you can convince him and let him protect you personally, your safety will be guaranteed.

Greater the protection, and there is no need to worry that the expert will come to trouble you!”

Chengfeng sighed: “Luther didn’t leave any leeway before. I think he is determined to draw a clear line with us. Asking him now will probably be useless.”

After that, Chengfeng said again: “Even if Luther still has a chance, it will never be possible to find a breakthrough in a short while, so you should go to Aurous Hill first, first give the shipping company to Zhiyu and stabilize this matter. Go through today’s hurdle safely.”

Anson nodded and said respectfully: “OK master, I am ready to go!”

at the same time.

Charlie has received a call from Roma.

The He family has selected ten family members with the strongest strength, the highest talent, and the highest loyalty this time, and they are ready to set off to Aurous Hill to report to him immediately.