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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 289 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 289 Start

This night, the family members who got the magic medicine could not sleep all night.

Warnia, who witnessed the miracle happening to grandpa with her own eyes, was also very excited.

Thinking of the magic medicine that Mr. Wade had quietly given to her, a strong warm current surged in her heart.

Mr. Wade treats her so well, this kindness is unforgettable!

Same as her, who fell into insomnia because of thinking about Charlie, and Aoxue, the little pepper of the Qin family.

After her father Qin Gang got the two magical medicines, he immediately gave her one as soon as he returned home and told her to hide it next to her body.

Now, this pill was stored close to her body, with her body temperature and fragrance on it.

The thought that this was given by Charlie to her made her happy and almost drunk.

And Charlie, as the big man behind all this, is still lying on the floor next to his wife’s bed and continues to sleep particularly sweetly as his son-in-law.

Early the next morning, Claire went to the studio.

After so many days of preparation, her studio is said to have begun to take shape and is ready to officially open.

Charlie wanted to help her, but she only wanted to build her own business with her own hands.

Charlie understands her feelings. Since leaving the Willson family, she has been thinking about how to prove herself and can’t let the Willson family look down upon her.

Well-dressed Charlie was about to go out to buy groceries and found that his pockets were bulging, which reminded him of the gifts everyone gave him yesterday.

Two smart keys for luxury cars, a Mingchao Chenghua Doucai wine glass, and a check for 100 million.

The Doucai cup was placed in a sandalwood box, which was relatively large, so he simply put the box together in his own small closet. As for the car bracelet and check, he originally wanted to put it in the cabinet, but after thinking about it carefully he gives up the idea.

Mother-in-law, she likes to come to the room to churn around when she has nothing to do. Last time Qin Gang gave him a jade bracelet, but his wife didn’t wear it before she went along.

If she finds the check of 100 million and the smart keys of two luxury cars, she will definitely take it for herself.

More importantly, if she finds out, he can’t explain it at all.

This one hundred million check alone was enough to scare her to death three times.

So Charlie left the smart bracelet and check in his pocket and went out to the vegetable market.

On the way, Qin Gang called him, and after a few greetings, he asked carefully: “Mr. Wade, do you still like the sports car given to you?”

“Oh,” Charlie remembered suddenly, and said, “I haven’t seen it yet.”

Qin Gang said hurriedly and respectfully: “The car is at the Aurous Hill Convention and Exhibition Center. The International Auto Show is now underway. If it is not inconvenient for you to go there, I can send someone to the house in a transporter.”

Charlie said, “Forget it, don’t send to the house anymore, I’ll take the time to check it out.”

The community he lives in is very ordinary, and a house is worth two or three million. If two sports cars worth more than 40 million are suddenly parked, the entire community is estimated to be fried.

Therefore, he thought about parking the car first at Tomson’s villa, where the villa has a private basement, and parking in the basement is more worry-free.

When he arrived at the vegetable market, Charlie received a call from Stephen, a good university brother. On the phone, Stephen asked, “Charlie, where are you?”

Charlie said: “I’m shopping at the vegetable market, what’s wrong, Stephen, are you looking for me?”