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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2888 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2888 Start

After speaking, Chengfeng said: “Zhiyu, what compensation do you want, just say it, as long as I can do it, I will promise you!”

Originally, Zhiyu did not want to make any transactions with him.

She didn’t care about money, and it was not so easy to forgive him for what he did, and she could not forgive him for what he did all his life.

However, since Charlie let her become Su Family Patriarch within three years, she has changed her mindset.

She used to be in the family, not fighting, not robbing, and not getting ahead, but now, she wants to change her way.

So she asked Chengfeng: “The reason why my dad wants to meet Yuuhiko Ito must be for the ocean shipping business, right?”

“Yes.” Chengfeng said frankly: “Our ocean shipping business has now been stopped, and there is dissatisfaction with Su empire from above, so I have not let go of it during this period.

Your father also wants to take our ships and the resources and transfer them to Japan, and the Japanese company’s shipping permits, route resources, and terminal resources can be used to continue operating this business, but it’s a pity…”

Zhiyu said at this time: “Well, I want the Su family to transfer this business to me. In the future, all the ocean transportation business of the Su family will be in my charge, and all related resources will be controlled by me.”

“Furthermore, I also require that I am solely responsible for the operation and finances, and the equity belongs to me alone, and I must not have any affiliation with the Su family!”

Chengfeng did not expect Zhiyu’s appetite to be so great.

He secretly thought in his heart:

“Zhiyu girl, want the entire ocean transportation business of the Su family?”

“Su empire’s total assets in this business exceed 300 billion! At least 20% of Su empire’s assets!”

“She wants to walk so much in one breath, this girl really has a lot of appetites!”