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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2887 Free Novel

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Zhiyu heard Chengfeng straightforwardly say what he thought in his heart, and couldn’t help but sigh in her heart: “Talking to smart people is peace of mind. Everyone is a master who can nod in a word, saving a lot of twists and turns.”

As a result, she no longer concealed her true motives and said: “You are right. I really want to get some compensation for my mother and me. I think this is what we deserve.”

As she said, she added: “By the way, this is not only for me and my mother, but also for my dad! I heard that he, like my second uncle, has disappeared. He is only working for the Su family. Those who are missing should receive a certain amount of compensation.”

Chengfeng asked her: “Zhiyu, don’t you know about your father’s disappearance? He disappeared in Aurous Hill, and I think his disappearance has a very strong relationship with your benefactor.”

Zhiyu denied: “I don’t know exactly how my dad disappeared. I only know that he came to Aurous Hill to help Su family negotiate cooperation with the Japanese.”

Chengfeng sighed and said, “Your dad did go to Aurous Hill to discuss cooperation. He was going to see Ito Takehiko from the Ito family, but he has disappeared before he even meets Ito Takehiko.

Closely, before he disappeared, he used his authority to transfer the family’s 100 million U.S. dollars to an unknown overseas account. I suspect that he might have been kidnapped.”

With that, Chengfeng asked again: “Do you really know this thing? Did you never ask the benefactor, or he didn’t tell you at all?”

Zhiyu said indifferently: “He never told me, but I don’t think he has any reason to target my dad. My dad has never offended him, and the danger that my mom and I encountered this time has nothing to do with him.”

When Chengfeng heard this, his face suddenly became very ugly.

“Zhiyu said that Zynn didn’t offend her benefactor because Zynn didn’t participate in her and her mother’s distress. Isn’t that just to point fingers to me?”

“In other words, I offended her benefactor for planning the assassination of Liona? Then is he still prepared to deal with me?!”

Zhiyu’s words contained a faint threat, which gave Chengfeng a headache.

However, he now dare not directly offend his granddaughter.

After all, he also plans to ease the relationship with her first, and then find a way to find out who the benefactor is.

If he could provide Master Cary with some clues and let Cary use metaphysical means to kill him, then he could solve this problem once and for all in the future.

So, his tone was immediately full of compromise, and he said with emotion: “Zhiyu, what you said is really correct. I’m sorry for you and your mother. And your dad suffered an accident because of the Su family. I really have to compensate you well…”