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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2885 Free Novel

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In this situation, the best solution Chengfeng can think of is to quickly repair the relationship with Zhiyu.

Other than that, there seems to be no better choice.

If he can repair the relationship with Zhiyu as soon as possible, he can temporarily stabilize her emotions and behavior. Not only will the trouble of the press conference be saved, but the threat of the mysterious master will also be much reduced.

In that case, he can also win more initiative.

Maybe he can let her put down her guard completely, so as to find out the specific information of the master through her, and then find a way to solve the master completely, and then find a chance to send her abroad under house arrest, all crises can be lifted.

Thinking of this, Chengfeng made up his mind and said to Zhifei: “I will call Zhiyu immediately and see if I can persuade her.”

Zhifei hurriedly said: “Grandpa, if you want to call her at this time, doesn’t she know that I have withdrawn the money secretly with you?”

Chengfeng said indifferently: “With Zhiyu’s cleverness, even if I don’t call her, you suddenly go back and ask her about this, she should have already guessed it.”

With that, Chengfeng sighed again and continued: “Maybe the reason why she told you this is to use your mouth to pass these words to me, and then come to negotiate terms with me.”

Chengfeng still knows his granddaughter very well.

Zhiyu was so smart when she was a child, she was definitely not comparable to his other grandchildren, and she couldn’t be led by Zhifei.

Zhifei felt his cheeks hot after hearing Grandpa say this.

He knew that his younger sister was indeed smarter than him, but the words of the old man did hurt his self-esteem somewhat.

At the same time, he couldn’t help asking from the bottom of his heart: “Could it be that Zhiyu is really borrowing my mouth to send a message to the old man?!”

Chengfeng didn’t have the time to care about Zhifei’s mood at this time, and said: “If you do, let me call Zhiyu.”

After that, he hung up the phone and called Zhiyu.

Zhiyu was sitting at the desk at this time, staring at the mobile phone placed on the desk.

Seeing the phone rang suddenly and it said “Grandpa” twice, she was relieved.

However, she did not pick up the phone immediately, but only pressed the answer button when the phone rang for the fourth time.