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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2881 Free Novel

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As soon as Zhifei heard this, his whole person suddenly became nervous.

He knew that Zhiyu and his mother were rescued by the Grace this time.

He also knew that this benefactor had a mysterious identity and superior strength.

In the past, the two top masters of the Su family were Mr. Helo and Luther.

Mr. Helo is infinitely close to breaking through the third meridian.

And Luther is even more powerful, he was almost able to break through the third meridian.

But even Luther’s strength will not be equal to a Shang among Japanese ninjas.

But at the beginning, in Japan, Grace easily killed several ninjas, and one of them was Shang Ninja!

Calculated in this way, the strength of Grace can beat Luther at least two to three.

Moreover, it is under the condition that he is not wounded at all.

This kind of strength is simply unheard of in the domestic martial arts field.

Let alone a three-star warrior, even a four-star warrior might not be enough to watch.

What worries Zhifei, even more, is that he doesn’t know what the relationship between Zhiyu and the benefactor is.

Or, is there any substantial progress?

He also realized that Zhiyu had a certain amount of concealment from him about the matter of Benevolence’s saving her. If she and Benevolence really have a relationship, then it will be over. If Benevolence helps her, even if he can’t manage it. Defeating Su’s family can also kill the old man!

Moreover, Zhiyu herself said that in this life she will only marry her benefactor, and no other men will be looked at by her. Maybe they really have something!

“This is bad…” Zhifei was flustered.

He thought to himself: “I should have thought that the benefactor might have fallen in love with Zhiyu…”

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to save her once in Kyoto and then come to Aurous Hill to save her again!”

“This is really bad…”