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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 288 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 288 Start

If granddaughter Warnia can get back the magical medicine and give it to him, he will definitely be able to get rid of the current troubles and regain the feeling of being strong and healthy ten or twenty years ago.

When Warnia came in with a pill of magical medicine, Mr. Song struggled to sit up straight, and asked with some trembling, “Warnia, Mr. Wade gave the medicine?”

Warnia nodded repeatedly, offered the pill with both hands, and said, “Grandpa, this is the magic medicine that Mr. Wade has refined this time. Take it!”

“Good, good!” Old Master Song said several times excitedly, and then asked, “Has Tianqi taken it?”

“he has taken it.” Warnia said: “Mr. Shi took only half of a capsule according to Mr. Wade’s instructions, and all the old injuries and stubborn illnesses were cured. It is amazing!”

As soon as he heard this, Mr. Song became excited and said tremblingly: “It’s so amazing and fast. Give me water and I need to take this now!”

The people around him immediately brought a bowl of tea.

The sons and descendants of the Song family stood in front of the Old Master, waiting to see the moment the miracle was born.

The descendants of the Song family now hope that the Old Master can live for a few more years and can protect these offspring more. Therefore, they also hope that the Old Master can improve after taking magic medicine.

The Old Master swallowed the pill tremblingly and took it with warm water. After the pill entered the stomach, it immediately turned into a burst of energy, which swept the whole body through all the meridians of the Old Master.

Immediately afterward, the Old Master felt that his whole body was repeatedly injected with energy, so he tried to stand up without using a cane.

The offspring around him was very nervous, for fear that the father would not be able to get up and fall, so everyone was ready to step forward and rescue.

However, no one thought that the Old Master just stood up easily with a slight effort!

Without any external force, the Old Master stood up easily with his legs alone, without shaking at all.

Elder Song felt the surging power of his legs, and immediately summoned the courage and walked out.

This step is a footprint!

No hurry, no tiredness, no panic, no rush, no shaking, no breath!

Everyone was amazed!

Is this still a dead Old Master? This is not worse than a middle-aged person in his 50s and 60s!

Father Song regained his control over his body and strength. He was so excited that he tried to walk a few steps quickly, it was fast and steady!

This made him extremely excited, and he blurted out with a laugh: “It’s great! It’s great! Mr. Wade is really a god!”

After that, he turned his head to look at Warnia, and said seriously: “Warnia, if you can get a good son-in-law like Mr. Wade, I can live to at least one hundred years old, your father, your uncle, yourself and your brother. Sisters, it’s possible to live a hundred years! Once a family can live a hundred years old for three consecutive generations, this is simply a god-like family, and no one can shake it!”

Warnia had been shocked.

Grandpa was a person who was going to die, and was saved by Charlie, but after he was saved, Grandpa was also very excited.

But now, Charlie’s magical medicine made grandfather seem to be twenty years younger in an instant. Now, he believes he will live for another twenty years. By then, he will really become a centenarian!

How many centenarians can there be in the world? Very few!

And if the soul figure of a big family can live beyond a hundred years, it is simply the family’s greatest fortune, because the family can only develop and grow in the hands of the soul figure.

Once the soul figure dies, it will immediately fall into the infighting of a group of dragons without a leader, you are fighting for me.

How many families are in decline is caused by the death of soul characters and the renunciation of family descendants? Now Charlie will continue the prosperity of the Song family for at least two decades!