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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2879 Free Novel

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After a pause, Zhifei spread his hands: “Just let him accept legal sanctions as you just said. It’s impossible. The old man is always cautious. There is never more than one firewall. You said he intentionally killed people. There is direct evidence?”

“As long as we don’t have direct evidence, we can be said to be deliberately slandering. If it is really impossible, he can just push someone out to top the bag!”

“He can find too many people who carry the bag. As long as he has a word, I don’t know how many people are rushing to carry this blame for him. Do you know how many scapegoats Anson helped Grandpa raise? Come any trouble! These are the firewalls of the old man!”

“If we don’t have the resources and connections of the Su family, let alone bring down Grandpa, even Anson, we won’t be able to bring him down!”

Zhiyu kept listening silently, and after Zhifei finished speaking, she asked him back: “When did you say that you are going to bring him down?”

Zhifei also asked: “Then what is your picture?”

Zhiyu said seriously: “I accuse him, maybe he has many ways to evade sanctions, but you have to know, if I don’t accuse, he doesn’t even need to evade! What I want is justice! It is justice in many ways! Not only result of justice, but also process justice and procedural justice! I know that result justice is very difficult, but procedural justice is within my power, so I must start a complaint against him today!”

Zhifei was big for a while.

He knew that, in fact, Zhiyu had no influence.

Because the Su family has always kept the personal information of the offspring very good.

The outside world doesn’t know the names of the descendants of the Su Family, and naturally, they don’t know who Zhifei or Zhiyu are.

But Zhifei is indeed different now.

The car accident in the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel in Aurous Hill is known as the “China Princess Diana Incident”, and it has been made public through a video of the mastermind’s confession.

You know, the population of Europe is only about half of China’s, but Princess Diana’s influence is very far-reaching, while China has almost twice the population of Europe, and the influence of Liona and Zhiyu’s affairs is of course very far-reaching.