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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2878 Free Novel

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Zhiyu’s rebuke caused Zhifei a headache.

He couldn’t help questioning her in his heart: “Grandpa really wanted to kill mother, yes, but is she not responsible for mother too?”

“As the daughter-in-law of the Su family, she kept thinking about the dead man named Wade, and she also went public to bid for the house that the family named Wade lived in. Isn’t this like slapping on the face of the Su family?”

“Furthermore, everyone is an adult. Does hatred matter? The Su family has trillions of fortunes. Is it because the grandfather has brutally attacked mother that we have to draw a clear line with him?”

“Drawing a line with him is equivalent to drawing a line with the Su family’s trillion-dollar property. In the end, aren’t we left with ourselves nothing else?”

“If you lose the right to inherit the Su family’s property, what will you and I do in the future?”

“Don’t forget, our surname is Su, not Du. Do you still expect grandpa and grandma to give us a share of the inheritance?”

However, Zhifei could only complain about these words in his heart, and couldn’t say it in front of his sister.

Because he knew very well in his heart that his sister was too strong in the concept of right and wrong, so terribly strong, there was almost no room for mediation. If he said this directly, she would not listen, but would turn her face against him.

Thinking of this, Zhifei was very depressed, and thought: “Hey, you are better suited to the name than I am.”

She thought to herself, Zhifei agreed with Zhiyu’s point of view, and nodded again and again: “Zhiyu, you are right, this kind of thing is really unforgivable, let alone you, I can’t forgive it either.”

Zhiyu didn’t speak, she knew that if her brother said so, there must be something else.

As predicted.

Zhifei turned around and sighed: “But, let me tell you the truth, if we turn our faces with Grandpa, we won’t get any benefit, and we can’t give him any substantive punishment.”