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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2874 Free Novel

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As a result, various media, websites, and news apps quickly received the news. The Du family announced that Liona and Zhiyu, who had been missing for many days, had returned to Aurous Hill safely. More details will be given in the press conference held tonight.

This news immediately swept the country!

Hundreds of millions of people have been following this case, and even many netizens have been discussing various possibilities about Zhiyu and Liona on the Internet.

Among them, most people think that the mother and daughter must have been killed.

But a small number of people still believe that miracles will happen, thinking that God will take care of the poor mother and daughter.

Now, the event that everyone has been following for a long time has finally settled!

It turns out that Liona and Zhiyu are really alive!

As a result, everyone began to look forward to the live broadcast of the evening conference.

Everyone wants to see with their own eyes, this mother and daughter are safe and sound!

The news that Zhiyu was about to hold a press conference reached Chengfeng’s ears, and it frightened him all of a sudden.

He guessed that Zhiyu must hate him in her heart, so he could predict that he would definitely become a target at the press conference.

Although his reputation has been messed up, he really doesn’t want to be lashed by the people all over the country…

No matter how strong a person’s mental endurance is, it is also limited.

If only a few people scold occasionally, most people can resist.

But if dozens of people scold you all day long, quite a few people will feel a lot of pressure.

If tens of thousands, millions, or even tens of millions of people are overwhelmingly cursing, no matter how thick-skinned people are, they will not be able to withstand this pressure.

If resentment is also a kind of energy field, the resentment that Chengfeng carries is afraid that half of China can be enveloped in it.

Over time, this kind of torture has greatly consumed his fighting spirit and made him develop a kind of Go to your mother, I just go to the Maldives islands to take care of the old, no matter what his mother does kind of idea.

It’s just that the desire for power in his heart is equally strong, so these two forces often compete at the bottom of his heart, which gives him quite a headache.

Today, Zhiyu suddenly wanted to hold a press conference, which immediately made him anxious.

So, he called Zhifei and asked, “Zhifei, I will ask you, do you know what your sister is going to say at the press conference tonight?!”