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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2872 Free Novel

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Zynn was completely wilted.

Although he wanted to add another 100 million US dollars to Charlie to change at least a decent living condition for himself, he now has not so much money to spend.

Father Su has very close control over the financial power of the family. Although Zynn is the eldest son, he also has a lot of real estate and various assets, but he has not much money at his disposal.

The entire Su family’s capital expenditure is basically through family credit, and money can be spent, but the money must be under the control of the family’s financial system.

Chengfeng is not stingy, but has a strong desire for control. Even if he buys an airplane for hundreds of millions of dollars, he is not reluctant, but he must be informed and he must approve before one can spend the funds.

Once the Su family dares to be behind If he spends a lot of money, or transfers the money from the family credit to his own small vault, he will inevitably be severely punished by the family.

In order to consolidate financial power, the family’s financial team is completely at the mercy of Chengfeng alone.

They will audit the capital expenditures of each Su family’s heirs every once in a while. The severity of this audit is comparable to investigating financial crimes.

Therefore, none of the descendants of the Su family dared to spend money on the back of the old man.

Before Zynn bypassed the old man and paid Hamid US$100 million, it was a cut beforehand.

If he did such an operation in peacetime, he would inevitably be severely punished by the old man.

So Zynn also knew very well that after the first time, he couldn’t have the opportunity to repeat his tricks again.

Maybe the old man has stopped his family credit now, and besides he doesn’t even have a phone call, it is impossible to get money to give to Charlie, so there is no other way but forbearance at the moment.

After greeting Zynn, Hale hurried away.

Leaving Zynn alone in this dilapidated courtyard.