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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2869 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2869 Start

As for the future, he can only hope that his daughter, Zhiyu, can inherit the Su family as soon as possible.

But he changed his mind and thought again.

“Let Zhiyu inherit the Su family, and the possibility is almost zero… Let’s not talk about the old man who will never delegate power until death, even if he is willing to delegate power, my brothers and sisters, can be willing to let Zhiyu A girl who inherits the Su family? I am afraid that it will start an unprecedented family battle…”

Thinking of this, he felt even more desperate.

I don’t know how long and when my “Syria Journey” will end.

Soon, Zynn was taken by Hamid’s personal guards to a small farmhouse a few hundred meters away from the headquarters.

From the outside, this small courtyard is almost entirely made of loess, with earthen walls and earthen houses. Except for the roof tiles, which appear to be fired, there are almost no traces of modern processing.

The small yard is not big. The yard after entering is just the size of a basketball court. There is a cowshed on the right hand side of the entrance, but there are no animals in it.

As for the middle of the yard, there is no root grass except the soil.

As for the supporting houses in this small courtyard, there are only three earthen houses facing the courtyard.

It’s not like the rural areas of China, where there is something like a wing house or something. There are only three earthen houses side by side, and the total is estimated to be no more than 40 square meters.

What made him even more disintegrated was that in the very central room, there was nothing but a dilapidated wooden chair.

On the left hand side, is an extremely simple bedroom. If it weren’t for a pile of straw-like things in the middle of the bedroom, he wouldn’t even know that the room was used for sleeping.

As the room in the middle, in this so-called bedroom, there is only a pile of straw and a pile of rolled bedding.

Zynn stepped forward and spread out the quilt, which contained a quilt, a mattress, and a pillow.

As soon as he saw this simple three-piece suit, he couldn’t help but stomped his mother: “Fcuk! I spent 100 million dollars, how come even the bedding is second-hand? Just this tattered thing, buy a new set. It’s not more than two hundred yuan, right?!”