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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2867 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2867 Start

Zynn’s tears almost came down when he heard this.

“Is this the damn talking human? I spent 100 million US dollars, but in exchange for a sentence, don’t take too much care, [email protected], isn’t it!”

But Zynn dared not to be angry but didn’t dare to speak, and he didn’t even dare to put his unhappy emotions on his face.

After all, this Hamid is Charlie’s friend, and it sounds like he is quite loyal to Charlie. In case he is unhappy, he will deduct his treatment or even torture him, then it will not be worth the loss!

When he thought that he would be “taken care of” by Hamid for a long time in the future, or that he would be merciful from his men, Zynn had to bite the bullet and complimented him: “Hello, Commander, admiring your name for a long time. It’s a great honor to see you today!”

After speaking, he quietly looked at Hamid.

Then thought to himself: “At a glance, although the hardware in Hamid is very old and backward, there are at least a thousand soldiers, and after entering, I have seen a lot of relatively modern weapons and equipment. How can I say this? The guy is also a warlord on one side, and he definitely has a bit of hard power.”

“However, logically speaking, this kind of person who puts his head on his waistband to beg for life should be very arrogant in nature. Even the president of the United States may not necessarily see it. How can he nod and bow to the young boy Charlie? Mom! doesn’t make any sense…”

Hamid then glanced at Zynn, and said without a smile: “You don’t have to slap my a$s, what kind of treatment you will have here in the future, what kind of life you will live here, it is not my decision. Brother Wade is in charge. He allows you to live in a small courtyard alone, and you can live in a small courtyard alone, but if he lets you sleep in the sheep pen, you can only go to the sheep pen!”

Zynn could only accompany the smiling face, nodded and bowed his waist, said: “That’s that, everything is decided by Master Wade…”

Hamid was too lazy to pay attention to him, and smiled and said to Hale: “Please tell Brother Wade, after this guy is handed over to me, don’t worry, as long as I am alive, I won’t let him die. If this place is captured by the enemy, I will destroy him with a single shot before I die, and I will never let him fall into the enemy’s hands!”

Zynn was about to scold his mother in his heart, and secretly scolded: “What the hell is your literacy level? Even speaking is self-contradictory! While saying that as long as you live, you won’t let me die, and at the same time, say in case something goes wrong. You beat me to death first and then you die. Isn’t this fcuking nonsense?”