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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2866 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2866 Start

Zynn wanted to cry without tears, if the TV series “Bright Sword” were filmed here, it would definitely be more real than the version that is currently broadcast on TV!

Just when he was crying without tears, the convoy, led by a military convertible jeep, stopped in front of Hamid’s command.

As soon as the car stopped, Hamid, wearing a camouflage uniform, walked out excitedly.

The person who escorted Zynn was Issac’s men, but Hamid didn’t know Issac. He only knew that among these people, Charlie wanted to “foster” with him. The rest, It must be Charlie’s men.

Charlie is not only his nobleman, but also his God of Wealth and his strategic commander. Therefore, he is also full of enthusiasm and respect for Charlie’s men. Bring the passion and respect back to him.

Seeing Hamid stepping out like flying fast, Zynn felt a bit in his heart.

He thought: “This guy looks extraordinary, he should be the boss here.”

When Hamid came out, Zynn was also dragged down by Issac’s men.

Seeing a few yellow people with East Asian faces, Hamid immediately said with a smile: “You people should be Mr. Wade’s men. It’s really a welcome, a warm welcome!”

Several people looked at each other and couldn’t help looking at each other.

In their impression, the slogans of welcome, warm welcome, are all slogans shouted by young pioneers with a blush on their cheeks, red scarves around their necks, and wreaths in their hands.

But they never expected that these words would be yelled from a Middle Eastern warlord who was big five and three thick and had a beard.

The headed person is Issac’s confidant, and his name is Hale.

Seeing that Hamid was so polite and like a warlord, he smiled politely and asked, “You should be Commander Hamid!”

Hamid nodded and said with a smile: “It’s all from the family, what is the name of the commander, just call me Hamid!”

After speaking, he said politely: “It must have been very hard for brothers to come from such a long way. Come, hurry up and have a cup of tea and take a break!”

Hale pointed to Zynn and said to Hamid, “Commander, this is Mr. Zynn Su who our young master asked us to bring over to experience life.”

Having said that, he pulled a handful of Zynn’s collar, pulled him in front of him, and said to Hamid: “Commander, our master has ordered, let me tell you, no matter what. This man will stay here well. Besides, you don’t have to take him too much. Just watch him and don’t let him run around. In addition, put him in the bunker fortifications during the war and don’t let him get injured That’s it.”