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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2862 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2862 Start

Just when Tom was full of resentment, someone in the car shouted angrily: “The He family has announced to the public that anyone who leaves will not be allowed to go back!”

For a while, everyone was shocked.

They didn’t expect that they would abandon the He family and raise another branch, but they did not expect that the He family gave them a trick to draw their salaries.

Now, they are abandoned sons of the He family.

Elder Su, who was far away in Suzhou, was also very depressed.

This morning, he heard almost all bad news one after another.

At first, Luther suddenly turned back.

Then, it was Luther who suddenly became the number one martial artist in China.

The most painful thing is that something that originally belongs to him became better after not belonging to him.

For example, a girl who once looked down on an ex-boyfriend suddenly became a master after a breakup, and then married the most beautiful girl, the girl might be depressed for a lifetime.

Although Chengfeng has no love for Luther. Luther was originally a subordinate of the Su family and served the family. To put it ugly, he was a dog of the Su family.

But now, he has turned against the family, and his strength has doubled after turning against the head. How can this not be depressing?

Chengfeng now feels that the world seems to be against him.

He wanted to betray Ruoli, but she just disappeared. The Japanese rummaged the coast of Japan, but she could not be found.

He wanted to kill Liona, but she was rescued by a powerful mysterious man. He wanted to kill her to protect the reputation of the family, but he didn’t expect that the reputation of the family was not successfully maintained. On the contrary, he became infamous and embarrassed. Everyone yelled and beat the rat crossing the street.

Now the He family has made such a big move again, which makes his heart very uncomfortable.

In addition to these, his second son and eldest son have disappeared one after another, and the Chinese master who saved his grandchildren in Japan has also become a huge potential threat to him.

Thinking of this, Chengfeng muttered to himself with extreme depression: “I lifted a rock by myself, hit my own foot, a stone fell from the sky, and the damn hit my own foot. There is still a master in the dark, constantly moving. I picked up a stone and smashed it on my foot. I tossed and tossed, except for loss or pain. I didn’t get any benefits. What the fcuk is that?

While being so depressed, his cell phone rang suddenly.

The call was an unfamiliar number from Aurous Hill.