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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2861 Free Novel

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The current He family will no longer face endless internal friction as before. On the contrary, the current family will twist into a rope and work together to achieve greater achievements!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help getting excited deep in his heart, and said, “That’s right! There is one more thing to announce to the public. All those who leave the He family will not be allowed to come back. From now on, the door of the He family will not open to the people who left!”

Just as Tom took a large group of He family to the airport by bus, the martial arts field suddenly caused an uproar!

The He family announced that Luther, the head of the He family, successfully broke through the fourth meridian!

As soon as this news came out, it immediately detonated the entire domestic martial arts field!

At present, among the hundreds of thousands of martial arts practitioners in China, 90% have just opened up one meridian.

Those who can get through the two meridians account for 9.999% of the remaining 10%…

There are only five people known in the country who can get through the three meridians and become a three-star warrior!

Moreover, these five people are all in the sequence of the four major families.

Except for the Northwest Huo family who owns two three-star warriors, there is only one of the remaining three families, including the He family.

As for the four meridians, there was no one before Luther.

In other words, he is currently the only martial artist in China who has broken through the four meridians.

This also means that Luther became the first person in the martial arts field in the country.

Originally, everyone on the bus was still looking forward to a new life after arriving in Suzhou. At this moment, don’t know who shouted: “Second Uncle, he has broken through the four meridians!”


Everyone knows that Luther is the second of his brothers, so the second uncle is naturally him!

In an instant, the He family in the bus suddenly exploded!

Before Tom recovered, the phone exploded!

A large number of colleagues sent news to him and his father. Tom saw the news and his whole body was struck by lightning!

He never dreamed that he had just broken with his father on the front foot, and his eighty-year-old father on the back foot made an achievement directly!

Being very sensitive to money, he almost immediately realized that the He family was bound to rise to power from then on!

Tom was very annoyed at the thought of his father’s announcement when he had just left on his front foot, and he thought to himself: “No wonder the old guy repented temporarily! It turned out to be a breakthrough in martial arts! I am his eldest son. He broke through such an important thing, but he didn’t tell me! This is outrageous!”