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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2860 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2860 Start

Luther thought for a while, and said: “Let’s announce it now, and inform all martial artists of this matter publicly, and also declare that from now on, the He family will no longer accept solicitations from anyone, and He’s house in Mocheng will be closed from now on to entertain any visitors again.”

In the martial arts family, there is an unwritten rule that once someone in a family with a name and a surname breaks through three or more meridians, it must be advertised among the martial arts people.

Luther is no exception this time.

Moreover, he knew very well that once the outside world knew that he had broken through the 4th meridian, a large number of people would come to visit Mocheng after hearing the wind.

Among them, not only fellows come to congratulate, but also scattered martial arts people come to apprentice, and there are also many families like the Su family who came to solicit.

Therefore, he let people explain in advance that the He family no longer accepts solicitation and no longer treats foreign guests.

This is tantamount to shutting out all the above possible people.

The reason for this decision was that Luther had already thought clearly in his heart that the future of the He family was actually pinned on Master Wade.

Therefore, the most important thing for him is to serve him with all his strength. As for other people, there is no need to waste his energy and the energy of the He family.

Robert was very puzzled and couldn’t help asking: “Luther, in the past, some people broke through the three meridians. Almost all martial arts families would send people with gifts. Among the martial arts people, the limelight is naturally the same. But when we close the door at this time, will it look too different?”

Luther said earnestly: “Brother, I was able to make such a major breakthrough. Thanks to the help of a noble person, all He family will look forward to this nobleman in the future, and this nobleman will give He family a lot of very scarce training resources in the future.

Believe me, this will definitely benefit the whole He family. Maybe in a few years, the next person who breaks through the three meridians will appear in the He family, or maybe in a few years, there will be the next breakthrough like me.

People of the four meridians, by then, the strength of our He family will be different!”

Robert immediately nodded when he heard this, and said excitedly: “In this case, I will wait for nature to listen to your instructions!”

The remaining people, regardless of age or sex, are very loyal to the He family and Luther, so at this time Luther makes any decision, they will support him.

Luther also realized that after the eldest son took the group of people away, when he made major decisions, he lost a lot of voices of opposition or doubts, which also made him realize the importance of the team’s unity.