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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 286 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 286 Start

Charlie waved his hand and said: “Okay, take care of me in the future, I will not forget your credit!”

Orvel firmly said: “Mr. Orvel will definitely not let you down!”

When everyone saw that Charlie had given a magical medicine to Orvel, the shock in their hearts was beyond words.

Although Orvel was very impressive in Aurous Hill, it was nothing to them, but after such a small character followed Mr. Wade, Mr. Wade did not hesitate to give the magic medicine.

This is how Mr. Wade treats his own people, really is the grace of heaven!

He knelt on the ground at the door of the box, crawling on the ground with his knees in front of Charlie, moved in his heart, tears on his face.

“Mr. Wade, I really didn’t expect you to see me as a small person in your eyes. Mr. Orvel was really grateful.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Mr. Orvel, I live in the world, and I look at the character of the other party, not the identity of the other party. You remember classmate Stephen, in terms of status, he is inferior to you in the case; in terms of strength. , Not as good as your little brother. When he was trapped by a sl*t and was lying in the hospital, he didn’t even have the ability to commit suicide, but why should you still help him, save him, and protect him? Because he belongs to me, Charlie’s friend, no matter how small he is, I will not let it go.”

Orvel’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t help being moved to tears. He choked his head and said, “Master, Orvel will definitely help you in the future!”

Charlie handed the medicine to him and said, “If you follow me, you must understand a truth. With my strength, you don’t need your heart and soul. As long as you do things for me down-to-earth, I will surely protect you for a lifetime!”

In this sentence, Charlie did not say anything.

Regarding wealth, what he has is that tens of billions of cash and hundreds of billions of companies already have inexhaustible wealth;

In terms of strength, he has the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets, and his strength is extraordinary.

Therefore, as long as Mr. Orvel steadfastly follows him, he will naturally not treat Mr. Orvel badly.

And Charlie’s words also made everyone present even more strongly admire and respect Charlie.

Let everyone present, deep in their hearts, make up their minds to follow Charlie! Charlie bowed his head all his life.

At this time, Solmon White took out a wearable smart bracelet key and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this is the smart bracelet key of the Bugatti Veyron Hermes special edition sports car. This car is the one I got from the Aurous Hill International Auto Show in advance. Ordered, the auto show officially starts tomorrow, and you can pick up the car!”

The ordinary Bugatti Veyron is priced at about 26 million, while the Hermes special edition is priced at more than 40 million.

Before Charlie spoke, Qin Gang hurriedly took out a smart bracelet key and hurriedly said: “What a coincidence, Mr. Wade! I also ordered a sports car for you at the auto show, but I ordered an Aston Martin. Limited edition one77.”

Aston Martin’s limited edition one77 is also priced at 40 million.

Unexpectedly, the two of them thought of going together.

Solmon White looked at Qin Gang annoyed, and blurted out: “Old Qin, why do you give Mr. Wade a sports car like me? Did you deliberately follow me?”

Qin Gang said confidently: “How can I learn from you! I think Mr. Wade should drive the best sports car, so I specifically ordered that Aston Martin!”

Tianqi on the side saw that the two of them were giving gifts one after another, and hurriedly took out a sandalwood gift box from his pocket. After opening it, there was a very shiny, colored porcelain wine glass inside.

He said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this Chenghua Doucai wine glass was handed down from the Ming Dynasty, and it is also one of my favorite antiques in my life. I give it to Mr. Wade first today. I hope Mr. Wade will like it!”

Seeing that all three of them gave out gifts, Warnia, who had received two magical medicines, didn’t dare to fall behind. She turned her back in a hurry, scribbled a cheque, and put her hands in front of Charlie: “Mr. Wade, this one hundred million cheque, expressing a little care, please accept it!”