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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2859 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2859 Start

When the He family heard the news that Luther has announced that he had broken through the fourth meridian, everyone was astonished for a moment, and then, there was a burst of almost crazy cheers!

Breaking through the four meridians means becoming a four-star warrior!

Throughout China, the title of “Four-Star Warrior” has not appeared in nearly a hundred years!

To them, hearing this news is as exciting as the news of the success of the first atomic bomb that the Chinese people heard back then.

Back then, China successfully developed an atomic bomb, which meant that the country no longer had to face nuclear threats from nuclear countries, and at the same time, they had strong self-protection capabilities.

Now, Luther has successfully broken through the fourth meridian, which is almost equivalent to the He family possessing an atomic bomb!

Just a few minutes ago, everyone present was worried about the future fate of the He family because of Tom and the others.

But now, they have completely ignored Tom’s problem.

Because from now on, the He family will take a big step forward and become the top martial arts family in the country!

Luther’s youngest son, Tim, was extremely excited. He blurted out, “Dad! Did you go to the ancestral hall early in the morning to report your breakthrough to the ancestors?”

Luther nodded: “Yes, Just now, I have already reported to all the ancestors of the He family. I believe that the ancestors will be proud of my success.”

Tim couldn’t help but sigh: “Dad, why didn’t you announce this news earlier? If the eldest brother knows that you have made such a major breakthrough, he might not be tempted by the conditions set by the Su family.”

Luther said lightly: “Fortunately, I didn’t announce it in advance, otherwise how could I know his wolf ambition!”

After speaking, Luther sighed and said, “Well, everyone has their own ambitions. As long as he doesn’t threaten to harm our He family’s interests in the future, I will stay with him in the future.”

Tim also knew that what his father said was reasonable, so he stopped insisting too much.

Luther’s eldest brother, Robert said: “Luther, when will you announce the news of your breakthrough in the fourth meridian?”