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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2857 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2857 Start

Anson stepped forward as soon as the car in front of him came to a stop and said to the driver, “Just me, go to the airport!”

Tom rushed all the way to the front of the car, leaning against the door frame, and said to Anson above, “Steward Su, you calm down!”

“Can you hold your breath?” Anson asked, glaring at Tom: “I’ll be a little enraged! Your He family is now able to handle it! Let’s see!”

“Steward Su, listen to me, my father is old and stubborn; give me some time, and I will convince him; I will certainly give you a satisfactory response!” Tom exclaimed hurriedly.

“Come on, Tom, what is the character of your old man? I know very well that if you can convince him, you will be the Patriarch of the He family instead of him! He is still in his eighties, and refusing to pass it to you means he doesn’t trust your ability! If he doesn’t trust you, how will he listen to your persuasion?” Anson said dismissively.

Anson’s words made Tom blush.

Anson’s words are not without any merit, despite the fact that he intentionally sows discord.

Luther has not passed on the role of Patriarch to Tom because he does not trust his strength, and even less so his determination.

For a long time, Tom has been critical of this.

He knew he would be the prince if he were transported to ancient times, but which emperor abdicated until he was in his eighties?

Isn’t it obvious that the prince must be forced to rebel?

As a result, his heart exploded with rage when he heard Anson’s words.

“Steward Su, you are correct, I just can’t convince my father,” he said coldly shortly after.

Tom turned around and exclaimed, “Still I can convince myself to move my own legs!”

Anson’s eyes widened when he realized this, and he blurted out, “Tom, what do you mean by this?”

“It’s very easy,” Tom exclaimed, “my father is unwilling to cooperate with the Su family, but I am. My cultivation is second only to the old man in the He family, and I have two sons and a hoard of people willing to follow me. As long as Master Su can look down on us, I am willing to take them and return to Master Su!”

Anson was ecstatic.

“The old thing with the surname He is too stubborn; it’s hard to convince him to change his mind,” he secretly says, “but this Tom seems to be genuine. If he really has a following and can take them to Suzhou, serving the Lord, then my mission this time isn’t a complete failure.”

He instantly changed his mood, grinned, and said to Tom, “Haha, Tom, come, come in!”

He took the initiative after speaking to reach out his hand and pull Tom.