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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2856 Free Novel

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Anson’s heart raced when he saw Luther’s resolute attitude. He had no idea why the old man Luther had suddenly changed his mind, and he had no idea how he could approach Old Su when he returned.

“Mr. He, you are still not satisfied with money, it does not matter; if you are not satisfied, you can simply ask it. Our master said that two billion is only an intention price; however, if Mr. He is not satisfied with the bid, he can still increase it by three billion in the future, what do you think?”

Tom on the side was almost insane when he heard, “Three billion?”

He doesn’t have time to consider the concept of 3 billion, so he can only say to himself in his heart that he can directly multiply the original illusion of 2 billion by half. Luxury homes all over the world can be upgraded to larger homes, and luxury yachts can be upgraded as well. Half the price of a private jet should be half the price!

Tom stared at his father with bloodshot eyes, blurting out, “Father! What are you still hesitating about? This is 3 billion!”

Luther screamed coldly, “Even if 30 billion, I refuse!”

Anson was taken aback.

Initially, it was assumed that if Luther was not happy with the 3 billion quotations, he would increase it slightly.

However, it appears that there is no longer any need to raise.

He nodded heavily and said, “Okay! Okay! What’s your condition!” as his face darkened.

After all, he pointed to Luther, clenched his teeth, and said, “He, old man, toast not to eat or drink fine wine, I will write down this account for the master first; if the Su return to the original and profitable in the future, then they can get a thousand times better than this!”

“If you want to recall,” Luther said sternly, “I, Luther, am never afraid of anything!”

He patted the table after speaking and said coldly, “Let’s go! Let me see you off!”

“No need!” gritted Anson’s teeth and exclaimed, “I’ll go by myself!”

He gave Luther a sour look as he finished speaking and walked out of the dining room without looking back.

“Dad! Are you crazy?! We can’t insult the Su family!” exclaimed Tom, stomping nervously.

“I am the head of the He family, and I will bear all the consequences,” Luther said coldly.

Tom realized he couldn’t convince his father, so he turned and ran after Anson.

Anson had come to the outside of the He family mansion in anger, and a convoy of several buses and trucks had just passed by.