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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2855 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2855 Start

As soon as Anson looked up and saw the two of them, he was a little surprised and smiled with a somewhat flattering smile: “Oh, how old! Ouch! Roma is back too! It’s great! I can invite Roma again this time. Master, he will be very happy when Roma comes out of the mountain!”

Anson didn’t look down on the He family too much. In his eyes, the He family were just the subordinates of the Su family, and they were only subordinates who could gain a foothold by fighting and killing.

As for himself, although he is also a subordinate, least he is also in the top spot among subordinates.

In other words, the Su family has so many dogs, and he is the noblest one.

However, he only took a look at Roma, because after all, Roma is the woman of Zynn, the eldest son of the Su family. Although she has no status, at least she has given birth to a daughter for Zynn, so he is naturally a little more polite to Roma.

More importantly, Zynn’s wife, Liona, has made up her mind to divorce Zynn, and after the car accident planned by his father, she will definitely draw a clear line with the Su family. In this way, Roma can appear openly. Where is it the need to hide anymore!

In case Zynn returns someday, maybe there will be a follow-up with Roma.

It is precise because of this that Anson has a somewhat flattering attitude to Roma.

When Roma saw Anson, she greeted him coldly and warmly: “Hello, Steward Su.”

Anson smiled and said hurriedly: “Roma, we have not seen each other for some years.”

She nodded: “Yes, it’s been some years.”

Anson smiled and said, “I didn’t expect even you to come out of the mountain again this time. What a surprise!”

Luther on the side said lightly: “Anson, please report to Master Su after you go back. The He family can’t cooperate with the Su family this time. Please ask Master Su to forgive us.”

Anson heard this and asked dumbfounded: “Old He, who are you singing for again?! The bus convoy is coming soon!”

Luther handed over the one-billion-yuan check to Anson, earnestly said: “I have already said very clearly. The He family cannot cooperate with the Su family this time. In other words, we will not go with you today. So, please take this money back to Master, please.”

Anson suddenly became anxious, and blurted out: “Hey old man, you can’t make a mistake! Let me ask you, how can you change your mind all of a sudden when the arrangements have been made?”

At this time, Luther’s eldest son Tom also grumbled: “Dad! The housekeeper Su is right. Our He family has always kept our promises, and we never break our promise, let alone turn back this time!”

Luther said coldly: “Tom, you don’t have to try to persuade me here, I have decided, and I will never change it!”

After that, he looked at Anson, clasped his fists, and said: “Mr. Anson, wait for the car to come in a while, please I will trouble you to go back with the car yourself, the old man is will stay here, I am extremely sorry!”