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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2854 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2854 Start

Tom suddenly felt five thunderstorms.

He knew that what he missed was a huge sum of 2 billion a year.

This money could allow him to live the most luxurious life in the world.

What luxury houses, yachts, airplanes…With this money, it is no longer a dream.

What is Sanya’s villa? With 2 billion, he can buy a villa in Hong Kong, buy a villa in the United States, buy a villa in France and Switzerland!

With two billion, he can buy a luxury cruise ship with everything he needs to travel around the world.

With two billion, he can buy a private jet and go where he wants to go 24 hours a day!

At that time, he still needs to guard a small and cold place like Mocheng!

Until then, how could he still be holding back in this extremely cold place!

The pinnacle of life, but so!

However, all these beautiful dreams lasted only one night, and they were completely shattered before the sun had even come out this morning.

Seeing that he had lost his soul, Luther sighed with a sigh, then waved his hand and said to Roma: “Roma, let me see Anson!”

Roma nodded hurriedly: “Okay, dad!”

Seeing his father and sister walking away, Tom hurriedly followed. At this moment, he had already made a decision deep in his heart.

Since his father was stubborn, he would just separate from him! At that time, he will take away all the He family who are willing to cooperate with the Su family and who are willing to leave Mocheng to enjoy the glory and wealth!

At this time, Anson was eating breakfast leisurely in the dining hall of the He family.

The He family has a large population and a large dining area. Hundreds of people can eat in this dining hall at the same time.

Anson was holding a bowl of ballast porridge at this time while sucking into his mouth, while chewing on the slightly hard corn ballast with relish, he said something in his mouth: “I didn’t expect the porridge made from this coarse grains to have a different flavor.”

After speaking, he picked up a fist-sized meat bun and bit it down. While his mouth was full of oil, he also bit out the meat that was bigger than a ping-pong ball inside.

“It’s delicious, delicious!” Anson looked relished, and he was very happy.

This time he came out, he quickly and smoothly completed the task that the master confided, and helped the master solve the urgent need, which can be regarded as a triumphant victory.

Therefore, it is natural to be in a good mood.

He is now only waiting for the convoy to arrive and take the He family to Suzhou. By then, the master will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Thinking positively, Luther and Roma walked over quickly.