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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2853 Free Novel

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When Tom heard this, his whole person was suddenly struck by lightning!

He hurriedly stopped in front of his father, with an anxious tone, and even said incoherently, “Dad, that…no dad! We can’t refuse this cooperation from the Su family anyway, it’s a matter of the life and death for our family, dad!”

Luther couldn’t help frowning and asking: “Joke! I don’t want to cooperate with Su family, so why does it matter for the life and death of my He family? Cooperation has been our wish for a long time. Since I don’t want to cooperate with him, then he still pays. Can this force me to fail?!”

Tom almost collapsed and blurted out: “Oh, dad! Why are you so confused!? What is the size of the Su family? How can we afford to provoke them? If we toast and not eat, eat good and drink fine wine, then in the future, once the Su family sees us as the enemy, how can we gain a foothold in the arena?”

Luther immediately scolded: “Tom! In your eyes, if my He family leaves the Su family, isn’t it possible to have a foothold in the rivers and lakes? Don’t forget, my family is one of the four major martial arts families in the country! When this family is ranked among the top four martial arts families in the country, nothing can this Su family do to us!”

Tom didn’t expect his father’s attitude to be so determined. He turned his head and gritted his teeth and glared at Roma, and sternly said: “Roma! What kind of ecstasy did you give to father? Do you know what a good opportunity is before us! If we miss such a good opportunity, then you are the sinner of the He family!”

Luther couldn’t bear it and shouted angrily: “Enough! Shut up now!”

Tom was shocked by his father’s voice.

Luther looked at him coldly, and hated that iron cannot become steel, and said: “I didn’t expect that I could raise a son with such a soft bone! Tom, it is my decision not to cooperate with the Su family, and I will never change it again. Say one more thing, I will punish you for a month of lockdown!”