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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2852 Free Novel

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Luther, on the other hand, was unconcerned. “Go, go to Anson, and explain stuff as soon as possible,” he said after checking the time.

“Dad, if the Su family is to blame, what are you going to do?” Roma asked, nodding.

“If the Su family is a part of the family, it is naturally difficult to extract energy to deal with us,” Luther said calmly. Furthermore, since we are aligned with Master Wade, we do not need to be concerned about the Su family pursuing us.

We could even tear up the face first if the Master family gives us an order to deal with the Su family. People are, after all, the masters. “This is the world’s rule.”

“I understand Dad,” Roma said with a sigh of relief.

Someone knocked on the door outside the study while he was speaking.

“Come in,” Luther said.

“Dad, you haven’t finished talking here?” Tom said to Luther as he opened the door and looked at Roma suspiciously.

Steward Su has woken up and is eating breakfast, saying he wants to meet you to discuss the particular situation.”

“It just so happens that I have something important to find him,” Luther said, nodding. “Let’s go together.”

In the middle chuckles and murmurs, “Important thing?” What is the most important thing? Isn’t that after a long conversation with Roma?! That’s two billion dollars a year!”

“Dad…what do you want to find Steward Su for?” he hurriedly asked tentatively, thinking of this. “Hasn’t there been any progress in the cooperation?”

Luther cast a look at him, seeing his eldest son’s anxious expression, his appearance having lost two billion, and he couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

The lion is said to be the progenitor of the dragon, and the phoenix is said to be the progenitor of the phoenix. I’ve always been obsessed with martial arts and have never yearned for so-called fame and fortune.

“What?” he said angrily, thinking about it. Are you concerned about shifts in collaboration?”

“Dad, the terms of cooperation offered by the Su family this time are uncommon in a lifetime,” Tom hurriedly said. Don’t get a case of the flu or make rash decisions!”

“Huh!” snorted Luther coldly. Is it prudent for you to pass judgment? To be honest, I have chosen not to work with the Su family any longer. Now I’m going to tell Anson in person about this decision!”