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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2851 Free Novel

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When Luther heard this, he felt relieved and nodded slightly, looking forward to the future of the He family.

But he couldn’t help but sigh when he remembered Ruoli: “Hey! It would have been fine if Ruoli was still here. When you consider the entire He family, your elder brother is devoted to material gain, your second brother’s talent is mediocre, and your case is unique. It’s one-of-a-kind.

There is no young generation that is optimistic and decisive, and who truly possesses the demeanor of a general, but if there was only one person, the entire He family, I can’t think of anyone else who would be more qualified to lead the He family……”

Roma couldn’t help but say, “If Ruoli is a girl with a foreign surname, even if she is here, many people will be unconvinced if she leads the He family.”

“Are you really not convinced?” “It appears that you are a mother, and you don’t know anything about Ruoli,” Luther sneered.

Ruoli’s acting style makes it impossible for someone in this family to remain unconvinced. Those stings would undoubtedly be handled by her.

Even if it’s your eldest brother, the thorns on his head are all clean, so it’s not Ruoli’s opponent.”

“Ruoli this girl, she was too aggressive before,” Roma sighed as she remembered Ruoli’s destruction of the entire Matsumoto family in Japan.

The Su family, who has been using her like a knife, is also to blame. The murderous aura has built up much too far. “Weight……”

“Yes…” says the speaker. “Don’t worry about it, Roma, I know you really don’t want to give up on Ruoli, or I’ll choose some people from the younger generation at home, when they’re a party of three or five,” Luther sighed.

What do you think about going out in pairs to continue looking for Ruoli’s whereabouts?”

“Dad, let’s forget it,” Roma said after a brief pause. Let’s go see Master in Aurous Hill. We should set Ruoli’s affairs aside for now if we’re searching for her it will be distracting.”

Roma couldn’t contain herself on a few occasions and wanted to tell her father about her daughter Ruoli’s current condition.

This would reassure and console the father.

More importantly, if the father really wants her to succeed the Patriarch in the future, her mother will be 10,000 willing to help. If the father was aware of Ruoli’s condition, he could make preparations ahead of time.

She swallowed the words every time they reached her mouth.

She believed that because she had agreed to Master’s request for confidentiality, she would not make an exception, even though it was her own parent, because otherwise there would be no honesty.

She reasoned that once the old man had gone to Aurous Hill and Master Wade had gotten to know him better, he could allow Ruoli to meet him privately.