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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2850 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2850 Start

Luther almost said without hesitation after hearing Roma’s words, “In this situation, after I settle down at home, I will also go to Aurous Hill with you and wait for Master Wade’s dispatch.”

Despite his age, her father is the most powerful member of the He family. She didn’t know what to say to Master Wade if he didn’t go to Aurous Hill.

“Father, what should we do about the Su family?” she later asked her father.

Luther broke through the fourth meridian, becoming just the second master in the He family’s hundreds of years of history to do so. At the moment, he was ecstatic.

Hearing Roma’s predicament, he instantly started to formulate new ideas for the He family’s future. Adjustment is needed.

“Since Wade Master has bestowed such good fortune upon us, I will naturally terminate our cooperation with the Su family, and fully draw a line with them, and then immediately set out to find the right guy, and return to Master Wade in Aurous Hill.”

“Master Wade, including you, just need eleven people from the He family,” she said, movingly. As a result, the elderly and infirm, as well as women and infants, are not required to leave the homes with us.

Those who haven’t progressed far enough in their cultivation should remain in Mocheng and practice with great concentration…”

He couldn’t help but sigh at this point: “Hey! In my heart, Mocheng is a legacy left by our forefathers, and I don’t want to give up on it.

This old house must be abandoned before the Su family would let us go south, so it is generally nice that these hundred people will stay in Mocheng and work hard.”

“Dad, let’s discuss something,” Roma said, nodding and thinking about something.

“Say!” hurriedly said, Luther.

“This time I went to Aurous Hill, I didn’t consider my elder brother’s thread,” Roma said. His cultivation is fine, but he has been squandering so much in recent years, and his mind isn’t on this. He is still not permitted to communicate with Master Wade.

Those two sons, on the other hand, are much worse; they aren’t even in the top 20 in the family.”

“Yes,” says the speaker. “Your eldest brother is worried about making money,” Luther nodded solemnly. Anson arrived with a one-billion-dollar check this time.

You have no idea how ecstatic he was. It was very discouraging…”

“I originally planned to hand the He family to him after a hundred years,” he sighed again, “but after experiencing these years, your eldest brother is not a capable individual…”

“Father, you don’t have to think about these matters,” Roma hurriedly said. In the next 20 years, the He family will undoubtedly prosper under your leadership, in my view! You do not need to be concerned about potential master selections at this time.

With your presence in town and the sponsorship of Master Wade, the He family will undoubtedly have a better young generation in the next 20 years, and there will undoubtedly be a suitable host to choose from!”