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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2848 Free Novel

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The surge of medicinal strength rushed outwards from his abdomen after a while. Luther had prepared himself by quickly exhausting his entire body’s internal strength and tightly wrapping the medicinal force.

Luther’s internal force is like a dam used to stop a flood, desperately guiding the course of the medicinal power and doing everything possible to guide the medicinal power to the fourth meridian.

It’s just that this therapeutic influence is so powerful that even though he has complete control over it, nearly 30% of it is still consumed by the body.

While there are signs of loosening in his heartbeat, he has no faith in his heart to break through, so he can only focus all of his attention on making the final battle.

Roma noticed her father was flushed and sweaty, and her left hand couldn’t help but grab the corner of her shirt. Despite her anxiety and nervousness, she realized she couldn’t support her father with his affairs and could only wait patiently.

Luther is also apprehensive.

He could feel the medicine’s strength draining the pulse, but there was still no indication that the pulse would be disrupted. Pessimism was inevitable in his heart, given that the medicine’s strength was mostly broken and there was not much remaining.

When the therapeutic power was only around 20% remaining, he immediately felt that the metaphysical platform was transparent and that the whole individual had reached an unparalleled state of detachment, as if he had just awoken from the best night of his life. It is impossible to say that an individual is happy and secure as a whole.

For a brief moment, he was taken aback, but then he became ecstatic, exclaiming: “What a breakthrough! Roma, Roma, Roma, Dad made a huge breakthrough!”

“Dad, are you serious! This is fantastic! It’s fantastic!”

Roma was ecstatic when she learned this. She felt deeply relieved in her heart when she saw her father’s animated face, and tears welled up in her eyes for a brief moment.

Her father’s lifelong ambition had been to break through the four meridians, she remembered.

Initially, everybody, including father, believed that this day will never arrive, but today it is here, arrived!

Luther’s eyes welled up as Roma began to cry.

“I just didn’t expect to one day smash through the four meridians, and eventually be worthy of our He family’s ancestors…” he trembled and choked.

After all, the feelings are heightened, and the old tears have already begun to flow.

“Father, how much do you have through the fourth meridian now?” Roma hurriedly inquired.

Luther “Just 10% of the students graduate, but there must be space for improvement in the future!