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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2847 Free Novel

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Luther also realized that cooperating with the He family was a kind of help and gift because the other party possessed such power and possessed such a god pill.

It’s just that he couldn’t fathom how such a wonderful thing could happen to He’s family.

As a result, he inadvertently asked: “Why does he want to work with us, Roma? Before you returned, I assumed Master Wade would want to fight with the Su family.

After you returned, I discovered that the Wade family’s young master possesses a wide range of magical abilities, and the Su family is nothing in his eyes. He doesn’t need to work with us at all if he really wants to fight with them…”

Roma nodded and said solemnly: “That is why I said that this is a blessing from Master for our He family. Regardless, we must seize this opportunity!”

Charlie’s motivations had already been examined by Roma.

She had the following thoughts: “Master isn’t sure how much stronger he is than the He Family in terms of size. The He Family can’t get into his eyes because of his supernatural abilities.”

“It’s all because of Ruoli’s face that he’s still willing to take the initiative to give the money, give the pill, and cooperate with the He family.”

“It occurs to me that Master must harbor some sort of feelings for Ruoli.”

“This is not just Ruoli’s good fortune, but the good fortune of the entire He family.”

“Such a god-given opportunity is naturally to be grasped firmly!” said Luther, who nodded in agreement.

“I will go to Anson and tell him directly that the He family rejects the Su family’s invitation to cooperate!” he said immediately.

Roma abruptly came to a halt and said, “You should start with the second divine pill, Dad! What if you could cross the fourth meridian in a single attempt?”

Luther paused for a moment before softly nodding and saying: “Okay, that’s it! In that case, I’ll take it lightly to see if I can get past the fourth meridian! If I succeed, my family will be able to reclaim their former glory!”

Roma was looking forward to it as well.

Luther is not only a king, but also a mainstay for the He family.

If his cultivation level can be raised, not only will the He family progress significantly, but it will also provide them with a significant opportunity.

Luther is looking forward to it as well.

He took the god pill, examined it for a few moments, and then swallowed it.

Since he has already had an experience, he focused on his luck and trained his internal energies so that when the medicinal force diverged, he could guide the medicinal power to rush to the fourth meridian and restore the pulse.

The effect of the drug was forcefully consumed by the dry body while taking a magic pill due to inexperience. While this will significantly boost physical health, it will also make the body appear younger and longer. He has a long life span, but he is also hesitant to use drugs to prolong it.

He decided to use the second god pill’s therapeutic properties to influence the pulse.