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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2846 Free Novel

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“Then what do you think of that Master’s strength?” Luther couldn’t help himself.

“I can’t see Master’s true power…” said Roma honestly.

“Do you think this Master is a few steps higher than us?” Luther inquired again.

“How many levels are there?” Roma paused, recalling something her daughter Ruoli had said to her.

Ruoli’s great success in his Ren Vessel was not due to the god pill given to her by Charlie.

Charlie, according to her daughter, simply counted her meridians and seemed to use internal power to move around in them, specifically assisting her in achieving Renmai Dacheng.

This is the equivalent of a height that most people have been trying to achieve for a lifetime, and she will never be able to achieve it. Giving the opponent a pulse is all Charlie needs to do, and he can easily lift the opponent to that height.

For a lifetime, just moving your fingers is worth the effort of others. How many stages do you have in between?

Isn’t it possible that it can’t be clarified solely by the level?

As she pondered this, she turned to her father and said solemnly: “If you really want to hear it, Dad, it may be the same difference that exists between Monkey King and Buddha Tathagata… Even though Monkey King appears to have exceptional powers, Tathagata Buddha managed to escape. If we don’t go back, it appears that the gap between us and Master Wade will widen…”

When Luther heard it, he was taken aback and asked, tremblingly, “When… is there really such a gap?”

“Dad, in my view, it is real!” Roma said without hesitation.

“Since this Young Master Wade has such a talent, where will we be seen in his eyes?” Luther couldn’t help but wonder.

Roma: “I’ll take responsibility for not clarifying what I said, Dad. This time, Master Wade did not come to me to win over the He family.”

Luther yelled, “What are you talking about?! What is the point of not winning over the He family?!”

Roma smiled bitterly in her heart as she remembered her precious daughter Ruoli: “In truth, she thought her daughter died on the high sea. On the contrary, he rescued her and kept her safe. After he saw that she misses her mom, he found an opportunity to reunite the two. All of these nice things are just because the master wants to look after my family for the sake of Ruoli.”

But, since she believed she had told Charlie that she would not tell her father anything, she had no choice but to say: “Father, there are some things I promised Master Wade that I can’t say, so you don’t have to ask; all you need to know is that the young master requested our cooperation not because he admired our abilities, but because he wished us luck…”