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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2845 Free Novel

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Furthermore, Luther is very clear that even though he is not partial and does not have a patriarchal mindset, it is still difficult for the entire He family to accept a woman as the head of the house, and even more difficult to accept a disabled woman as the head of the house, so Luther believes that, in the future, the owner of the He family, apart from Tom, I am afraid that there will be a woman as the head of the house

But now, Roma’s words have made him realize something important.

In recent years, the eldest son has shown little interest in martial arts. He may not have any good effects if he gives him the last god pill.

Furthermore, even though he is willing to entrust the He family to his elder son Tom in the future, he may not be able to fully grow the He family.

On the opposite, he is more likely to bundle and sell the entire He family to the Su family, then take the large amount of money offered by the Su family and flee to live his life to the fullest.

In that scenario, the whole He family would be used to make money for him.

Instead, finding a way to live a few more years and actively leading the He family forward would be preferable.

He will die without remorse if he expends all of his remaining resources to propel the He family to the rank of first martial arts family in the world!

He finally made up his mind at this point and told Roma: “Our most important task, Roma, is to allow the He family to fly higher and farther! Master Wade will be the only one to look forward to for the future of my He family, because he has bestowed upon us such a cherished good fortune!”

“Father, do you plan to cooperate with Master?” Roma hurriedly inquired.

Luther said categorically: “The god pill was given by Master Wade, and I had already taken one. Is there some way I can go back in time at this point?”

Roma “That’s fantastic! It’s incredible! What Master will get us is much more complicated than five divine pills and 100 million dollars per year if we fully cooperate with him. I believe, he will not only make the He family the country’s number one martial arts family, but will also help the He family to overtake the martial arts families and become a stronger force in this field!”

Luther “Roma, you said that you have outgrown the martial arts family and have evolved into a more powerful being. What exactly is this more powerful existence?”

Roma calmly shook her head and said: “I’m not sure. I used to believe that martial arts masters should be the most effective in melee fighting. However, when I met Master Wade yesterday, I felt as if we were frogs at the bottom of the well, practicing martial arts. We simply have no idea what the wide world outside the well is like…”