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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2843 Free Novel

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Roma kept staring at her father and was surprised to notice that his expression had improved significantly and that his skin didn’t appear to be as old and shriveled as before.

She wanted to know if her father’s cultivation level had improved significantly, but she didn’t dare to interfere, so she had to keep her surprise to herself and wait for him to wake up and speak.

Luther immediately opened his eyes after a moment, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Dad, why are you crying? How are you feeling?” Roma hurriedly inquired.

“This divine pill is really amazing, and the power of the medicine is so terrifying,” Luther said quietly, a little annoyed.

“I originally wanted to take the opportunity to attack the veins and open the fourth meridian, but unexpectedly, my body is indeed too old, dragged a lot of hind legs, more than half of the medicine power was sucked by this body, too much of it is sucked by this body.

“Dad! How could this be a waste! After all, you are over eighty years old, and your body’s internal and external functions are severely degraded. This magic pill distributes the efficacy of the medicine to your body, and it will definitely delay your aging.,

It can even extend your lifespan. This is a good thing! In my opinion, you will be able to live over a hundred years!” said Roma hurriedly.

“If I can break through the four meridians, even if I only have three to five years left to live, I will be willing to live…” said Luther, regretfully.

“Dad! Or take this magic pill too! Maybe you’ll be able to break through the fourth meridian in one fell swoop!” Roma exclaimed as she handed another pill to Luther.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! I am a bad old man, not really worth wasting another magic medicine!” Luther snatched her hand away and exclaimed guiltily.

“Dad! Now you are the only one in our entire He family who has broken through the three meridians. Our He family can be one of the four major martial arts families, and most of them rely on you alone.

Support, if you are a hundred years later, the He family will inevitably fall out of the four major families, so these medicines are the most appropriate for you!” Roma said unwaveringly.

“So, call your eldest brother over and give him a try on the remaining magical medicine,” Luther said after a moment’s thought.

Roma categorically stated, “Dad! Brother has always tended to reconcile with the Su family, and I can say to my heart, the eldest brother has not put his mind on cultivation at all in these years, but on money, To enjoy life too much.

The colder the way of martial arts in the He family, the better, but he bought a villa in Sanya as soon as possible. Every winter he always finds a girlfriend.”