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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2842 Free Novel

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Luther was overjoyed, believing he had a chance to bypass the pulse, so he sat down on the ground, fighting for his life and the surging internal force in his body that was attacking the pulse.

Ordinary people’s eight meridians of the odd meridians are inherently closed, and martial arts practitioners must do everything possible to pulse open the eight meridians that are originally blocked if they want to outperform ordinary people in strength.

But, oh, what a challenge it is to break through the eight meridians!

You can become a master in the eyes of ordinary people and enter the gate of martial arts if you break one, but most martial arts practitioners will stop here, and most of them will not be able to get through Ren Du’s two channels in a lifetime;

If you can crack two, you’ll be one of the few martial arts practitioners in the world today, and you’ll be considered a martial arts master.

If you can get past these three, you will undoubtedly be among the top ten martial artists in the world.

When it comes to breaking through the four points, none of the dozens of martial arts families, large and small, can compete.

Luther believes that if he can break through the fourth meridian, he will be the pinnacle of Chinese martial arts practitioners.

He was shocked to discover that a significant portion of his body’s surging medicinal power was desperately flowing into his internal organs and body via various blood vessels and nerves, just as he desperately wanted to realize this ambition.

It felt as if his entire body had dried up at this point, and the medicinal effect of that god pill was beyond his understanding.

Originally, he intended for this state to use his entire pulse, but due to the body’s dryness, a large portion of the blood was unable to flow to the pulse and was quickly absorbed by the body.

He felt his body functions had been greatly restored and strengthened almost immediately afterward. When his body felt a few years younger, but the medicine’s impact was dragged down by the body, and he was almost drained, there was no extra energy to go. Start a collision with the belt pulse.