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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2841 Free Novel

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Luther’s lifelong ambition is to see the He family prosper under his control.

He is willing to give everything, including his life, for this.

That is why he was able to stand in front of two billion people and endure the blood and guts of his granddaughter Ruoli, because, in his opinion, the granddaughter is important, but not as important as the future of the entire He family.

When he saw Roma’s progress, however, he realized that this kind of opportunity is far more valuable and rare than money.

With 2 billion RMB in hand, he can only ensure that dozens of He family Children will receive some assistance in cultivation; however, the assistance that ordinary medicinal materials can provide is limited; even if two billion is spent on one person, it will be impossible for him to succeed.

As a result, he can determine which is lighter and which is heavier.

So he swallowed his disbelief and challenged Roma to prove it:

“Roma, the reason why your Ren Vessel is able to achieve great success and your main Vessel’s rise from 20% to 40% is because you have taken this kind of pill?!

“Yes,” Roma said solemnly, “Dad, say nothing; you’ll know if you take one!”

“I’m 80 out of three. If this god pill is so amazing, it would be a waste of my time to take it. I think it’s better to call your eldest brother over and let him have a try!” sighed Luther as he placed one of the pills in his mouth, hesitated for a moment before putting it down again, and sighed with a smile.

“Dad, you are the head of the family; whether our He family will cooperate with Master in the future will also be up to you to decide; so you should take one first and see the effect, and you are our He family’s strongest strength and highest cultivation base, after subscribing to this god pill, the cultivation base can definitely go further,” Roma hurriedly said.

“Then I’ll take one for now and try it!” Luther thought for a moment, nodded lightly, and sighed.

Put the pill in his hand into his mouth after that.

In the mouth, the elixir melted.

Through the three meridians opened up by Luther, the surging internal force spread from the abdomen to the entire body and gathered in the dantian.

Ren vessel, which had previously scored 70%, was immediately inspired to greatness by this powerful internal force!

The Du Channel was originally passed by 50%, but under the influence of the medication, it increased to 70%!

Chongmai, which had previously reached 20%, has now directly doubled to 40%!

And the vein on the fourth meridian, which he had been trying to crack through for decades, was loosening as well!