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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2839 Free Novel

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Roma’s power has increased significantly, but this can be split into two categories.

The first aspect of her development is that her physical strengths are rapidly improving, and her stamina, speed, vision, and endurance have all greatly improved; however, this kind of strength is literally invisible to outsiders, regardless of how good their eyesight is.

It’s difficult to tell how many pounds of muscle a guy has, how fast he can run a 100-meter sprint, or how fast and how much stamina he has in long-distance running just by looking at him.

As a result, Luther is oblivious to Roma’s changes in these regions.

The degree of smoothness of Roma’s second line of appointment, which has significantly improved from before, is the second feature of her development.

Originally, her Ren Vessel had a 50% pass rate and her Du Vessel had a 20% pass rate.

However, her Ren Vessel is now a huge success, and her Du Vessel has hit 40%.

However, this is also very fascinating. Luther would be able to see the difference at a glance if Roma opened up the third meridian or if Ruoli, who had opened up the three meridians, returned to Luther.

After all, the two were brought together. Between the opening of one meridian and the opening of three meridians, there is a world of difference. It’s as if they’re in the same body of water.

It was just about the size of a basketball court yesterday. It has suddenly grown to be twice the size of a football field.

With such a large distance, Luther himself only opened three meridians, allowing him to see it at a glance.

What’s odd is that, unlike Ruoli, Roma was unable to open up the third meridian, but she did greatly boost the first two.

The pool of water, in Luther’s view, has always been the size of a basketball court and has not changed.

He couldn’t see the smoothness of Roma’s second line of the main one with his naked eyes, but he had the impression that Roma’s overall level had risen significantly, so she gave him the impression that the same pool of water had suddenly become much deeper.