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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2837 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2837 Start

Roma chased after her father, and the two dashed to the backyard study.

They just met Tom, Roma’s eldest brother, on the way. Tom was about to greet the elderly gentleman.

He was startled to see Roma standing by his side. Tom was taken aback and inquired: “Dad didn’t say you went to the Jiaodong Peninsula yesterday, Roma. What time did you return?”

“Brother, I just returned, and I have something to communicate with Dad,” she quickly responded.

Tom’s cultivation is similar to Roma’s, if not slightly lower because he is oblivious to the changes in Roma’s body.

He assumed her sudden reappearance was due to father’s pledge of cooperation with the Su family.

He guessed that Roma, as Ruoli’s mother, would certainly not want the He family to continue cooperating with the Su family, so she returned in a rush, presumably to prevent this.

As a result, he hurriedly stated: “There are just a few hours before departure, Dad. Let’s get to work and get ready.

Have you packed all of your belongings? If they aren’t packed, I’ll have someone come over to handle it for you!”

“I’m almost done packing,” Luther said. “You should go to work first; I have something to discuss with Roma.”

Tom hurriedly said: “Please don’t take too long, Dad. We can’t afford to wait to hear from the Su’s.

We have mentioned that we would begin at ten o’clock. At about 7:00 or 8:00 p.m., I expect the car to begin loading.”

Luther understood what Tom was saying. He was afraid that after speaking with his daughter Roma, he might change his mind.

Luther is certainly responsible for his daughter Roma, but he is also adamant that he will not change his mind because this is such a significant matter for the He family. He is not permitted to be arrogant as the head of the He family.

“You should prepare, or start loading your luggage at eight o’clock as scheduled,” he told Tom, “and the whole family will leave on time at ten o’clock.”

When Tom learned of this, he smiled and said, “That’s OK, Dad, I’ll make arrangements now.”

Roma did not talk on the side, but she did pick up on some subtleties in her father’s and elder brother’s conversation.

She couldn’t help but smile and think to herself: “Dad now seems to be unwavering in his willingness to work with the Su family.

My father has always done what he said, but I’m afraid that after ten minutes, he’ll break his own pledge to those who insisted on it…”